Kes-kes pergaduhan dan cabul kehormatan di Kem PLKN, Pekan

Separate allegations of molest and an apparently racially-motivated clash have emerged from a National Service (NS) camp in Chini, Pekan, near Kuantan in Pahang.

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NS plan a spooking failure?

Stanley Koh

Thursday, 02 July 2009 19:53

KUALA LUMPUR – After five years, the national service (NS) training camps across the country continue to be spooked by ugly and tragic incidents of sexual molest, physical fights, food poisoning, sudden deaths and drowning.

Two recent incidents at the Cini training camp, near Kuantan in Pahang, have provided another scoring point for the Opposition’s credible call for the nation’s conscripted training programme to be scrapped.

On June 23, a female trainee was allegedly molested by more than 20 male trainees at night when the victim was trying to make a call at a phone booth within the camp site.

ns-fight-1.gifFour days later, a fight believed to be racially motivated took place at the camp’s canteen between two groups of trainees.

Incidents such as these are not new. In 2004, a trainee was raped at the Merang camp in Setiu, Terengganu. There had also been reported cases of indiscipline over the years.

Original proposal

Over the past two decades, the nation has witnessed an increasing racial polarisation among university students. It was under such a scenario that the ‘Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN)’ or National Service Training Programme was proposed in late 2001 and implemented in December 2003.

The original proposal was subjected to review and had innovatively been changed in terms of training duration; shortening from the initial idea of a two-year period to an eventual three-month term.

Deserters and draft dodgers are subjected to punishment of a fine of up to but not exceeding RM3,000 and/or up to six months jail, a penalty the Opposition parties have described as an instrument of injustice.

The training modules of physical, nation-building, character-building and community service to match the objectives of developing a patriotic, active, intelligent and confident younger generation have, so far, been just an academic exercise.

For this, the Government had spent some RM2.37bil to finance the NS training since launching it in 2004.

fuziah-salleh.pngKuantan MP Fuziah Salleh, who disclosed the Cini incidents claimed the officials concerned were either playing down the seriousness of the incidents or trying to sweep them under the carpet.

“There should be a survey to ascertain whether the NS is self-defeating or whether it is achieving or increasing national unity,” she said, citing the physical brawl at the camp as an example.

A parent from Kelantan (name withheld) wrote in 2004 on her daughter being called for NS training: “My worry is how safe my daughter will be, especially when I read there are not enough trainers.

“I try not to be negative but my mind wonders about young girls in the midst of young energetic teenage boys who might (or might not) be naughty or unscrupulous.”

The Auditor-General’s Report as at December 2007 stated that three people have been charged while 3,856 cases were under investigation. Some 751 other cases were referred to the deputy public prosecutor for charges to be preferred.

Some critics of the NS training have described it as “an icon of the Barisan Nasional’s failed education system.”ns 3.jpg

While the young generation has been forced to join a training programme for three months to bridge racial integration, their 11-year education from primary to secondary level has failed to achieve this.

Many have criticised the costly project and suspected a hidden agenda to influence the younger generation into supporting the Barisan.

NS a success or failure?

With the benefit of hindsight, the print looked good on paper but it started in 2004 with a bad omen. Besides being ill-conceived, it faced a host of logistics and transportation problems, allegedly badly run training camps and a shortage of qualified trainers, among other difficulties.

The programme started with public confusion related to the specific criterion and procedures to seek deferment by selected students (on the training programme). These were later determined and streamlined.

There was also havoc caused by poor coordination between the NS Department, the Education Ministry and private colleges on the national service call-up, even though it was done through the computerisation process.

Within months following the implementation, trainees were reported lost in a jungle and the first rape case happened in Trengganu in February 2004.

There were also incidents of bullying by camp commandants and officers and claims of poor management.

Between 2004 and 2008, sporadic serious incidents and accidents, including death of trainees, began to filter to the press.

Yet there was no barometer to professionally gauge the success of the conscripted NS in terms of national unity among trainees except propaganda in guise of a public relations exercise to rally the ‘feel-good” experiences in the camps.

Should NS be scrapped?

Batu MP Tian Chua thinks so. “In the first four years, there had been at least 10 deaths at the training camps,” he said.

tian-chua.pngAs at June last year, there were 17 deaths. Twelve were reported to have died in the camps and five others during breaks or within days of completing the training.

Critics and opposing parties have blamed the Government and related organisers for lack of proper living amenities and improvements at some training camps.

Other issues included improper diet and hygiene, personal safety, discipline of trainees and trainers besides the need to pay particular attention to those with special medical needs.

Allegations have also been directed at the government for nurturing “beneficiaries” including camp operators and NS contractors in the supply of food and logistic support.

While the Government maintains the moral high ground to continue the training program, it will be on shaky ground to peddle its continuation at the next general elections.

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Keganasan seksual terhadap wanita dan gadis minoriti Penan, Sarawak

Kenyataan Media

25 Jun 2009


Keganasan seksual terhadap wanita dan gadis rakyat minoriti Penan, Sarawak

Wanita KEADILAN mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya kejadian penderaan seks dan rogol keatas wanita, gadis dan anak-anak perempuan Penan di Sarawak.   Ia mempamerkan bahawa di Malaysia masih wujud era kegelapan yang kekontangan sama sekali sifat kemanusiaan yang dikehendaki dalam memelihara keselamatan dan kehormatan golongan yang lemah, lebih-lebih lagi terhadap kaum minoriti.

Laporan pertama mengenainya terbit pada bulan September 2008 lalu.   Ia telah dilaporkan oleh Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) yang berpangkalan di Switzerland.  

Sehingga kini, rakyat Malaysia masih menunggu hebahan mengenai laporan penyiasatan yang telah lengkap disediakan pada pertengahan bulan November 2008 oleh task force berkenaan, seperti yang dijanjikan oleh Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat ketika itu, Dr Ng Yen Yen.   Menteri yang baru, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil baru saja menyerahkan laporan tersebut kepada Jamaah Menteri pada 27 Mei lalu.

 Apakah yang menghalang kerajaan Malaysia untuk menghebahkan laporan penyiasatan tersebut?   Kelewatan yang bertimpa-timpa ini memberi persepsi bahawa ada sesuatu yang ingin disembunyikan oleh kerajaan atau kerajaan tidak ingin membawa ke pengadilan mereka (didakwa pekerja-pekerja syarikat pembalakan) yang telah dikenalpasti bertanggungjawab mengenai pencerobohan dan  keganasan seksual yang keji itu.   Polis Sarawak juga telah didakwa bersikap prejudis atau tidak kompeten dalam menangani permasalahan wanita dan gadis Penan ini.

 Tindakan kerajaan yang berdiam diri mengenai permasalahan ini boleh mengakibatkan kemusnahan sosial masyarakat Penan.   Malaysia sebagai penandatangan CEDAW dan Deklarasi Hak Pribumi Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu wajar prihatin dan progresif dalam memastikan keselamatan fizikal, mental, maruah dan hak warisan setiap rakyat pribumi minoriti dipelihara dengan utuh.

 Wanita KEADILAN menuntut agar Sharizat Abdul Jalil segera mengedarkan laporan tersebut kepada umum agar dapat diteliti  dan bersama mencari penyelesaian terhadap perlakuan sesuka hati pemangsa dalam penderaan dan keganasan seksual ke atas wanita, gadis dan anak-anak Penan yang lemah itu.  Jika Menteri gagal berbuat demikian, ia seolah-olah membenarkan penerusan perbuatan keji itu oleh mereka yang sama sekali telah hilang sifat kemanusiaannya.


Zuraida Kamaruddin
Ketua Wanita KEADILAN
Ahli Parlimen Ampang


Make Penan report public, PKR says25 Jun 09 : 4.58PM

By Zedeck Siew

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 June 2009: The women’s wing of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) wants the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry to not only release the Penan task force report to the public, but to also table it for debate in Parliament.

“What is stopping the Malaysian government from publicising the report of the investigation? The repeated delays lend to the perception that the government has something to hide,” said PKR Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin at a press conference in parliament today.

Zuraida was commenting on the fact that the Penan task force report was still not available to the public.

Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil has so far not committed to making the report public, only saying that interested parties could go to the ministry to view the report.

“We feel this is not enough. The public has a right to know,” Zuraida said.

The Penan task force was commissioned by former minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen in October 2008. It was despatched to investigate claims that logging company employees were sexually abusing and raping young Penan girls and women.

After almost six months without word, Shahrizat finally revealed the ministry’s plans for the report, telling The Nut Graph that she would submit it to cabinet on 27 May.

Zuraida said she had written to Shahrizat on 23 June 2009, asking for a copy of the report but has not had any reply since.

“The government’s silence on this issue may result in the social collapse of the Penan people,” Zuraida warned.

“Malaysia is a signatory of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (Cedaw) and the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. We should be concerned and progressive in ensuring the safety and rights of every indigenous minority,” Zuraida added.

Kesihatan: Sejuta Rakyat Malaysia sakit kronik

Bagaimana sekiranya di masa akan datang  jawatan Menteri Kesihatan itu disandang oleh wanita pula …?

Ia dicadangkan bukan sebagai penyelesaian simplistik, tetapi dalam kajian-kajian saintifik, pada umumnya wanita memang berupaya memastikan kebajikan dan sebarang perkara yang berkaitan dengannya terpelihara dengan baik.   Dalam era yang mementingkan profesionalisme yang tinggi, ada wanita yang mampu untuk bekerja secara sistemik dan smart.

Oleh itu barangkali, Menteri Kesihatan, khususnya bila Pakatan Rakyat Memerintah nanti akan dilantik seorang wanita ahli politik sebagai Menteri Kesihatan.

Sebenarnya, jika Kementerian Kesihatan benar-benar berorientasikan kepentingan rakyat, rakyat Malaysia kini sudah menikmati taraf perkhidmatan yang berklas dunia  – dengan pengalaman Umno-BN memerintah negara selama lebih 50 tahun.   Nampaknya sia-sia saja berbilion ringgit hangus kerana perancangan kesihatan rakyat yang entah apa-apa dirancang oleh Umno-BN.   Yang jelas kelihatan ialah penswastaan berbagai perkhidmatan kesihatan yang telah dan akan terus menguntungkan segelintir elit yang rapat dengan mereka yang berkuasa.


Survey: 1 mil M’sians suffer from chronic pain
Joe Fernandez | Jun 1, 09 1:20pm
One million Malaysians are in various states of chronic pain – back and neck pain, arthritis, cancer, or migraine – which lead to depression, insomnia, fear, or in a constant state of irritability, says a survey.


hiv aids sick patient 230507 handsThe recently completed National Health and Morbidity Survey III, conducted by the Public Health Institute under the Ministry of Health, showed that out of the one million aged 18 and above – or seven percent of the population – are chronic pain sufferers.

About 82 percent of these sufferers said pain interferes with their daily lives.

Chronic pain is generally defined as persistent pain which lasts three months or more, or pain that persists after the injury has healed.

Those in chronic pain state would feel suffering, insomnia, anxiety, depression, frustration, suicidal risks and thoughts, fatigue and immobility, etc, said Dr Roland Chia, executive chairman of Rafflesia Medical Centre in Kota Kinabalu.

This can result in being home- or wheelchair-bound, loss of job, family and community status, he added.

Prolonged pain leads to lung collapse

“Studies have shown that there is under-treatment for both acute pain and chronic pain. About 40 to 50 percent of patients in routine practice fail to achieve adequate pain relief,” said Chia after the establishment of Malaysia’s second private pain management clinic (PMC) in Kota Kinabalu last weekend.

hospital patients in bedThe purpose of PMC, he said, is to educate patients that pain was not to be held in themselves but should be controlled and relieved effectively and the sooner the better.

He added that 50 percent of patients had to change physicians to achieve pain relief because the physician was unwilling to treat pain aggressively, did not take patients’ complaints seriously, or had inadequate knowledge about pain treatment.

“At certain times, it was the failure of the patients themselves to ask for pain relief. They bore the pain in the hope that it would eventually heal by itself.”

“The longer patients bear the pain, the higher the risk of complications. This includes higher blood pressure, lung collapse, pneumonia, deep vein thrombosis and chronic pain state.”

Common states of pain noted include back and neck pain, headache, migraine, arthritis, sciatica, post-shingles pain, neuralgias, diabetic nerve pain, muscle bone joint pain, knee and shoulder pain, heel and ankle pain, abdominal pain, ischemic pain, chest pain (rib fracture), facial pain, nerve pain (neuropathic pain) and cancer pain, the last being one of the worst forms.

Malaysia’s second private pain clinic

kota kinabalu hospital patients transferred to beautfort sabah 170309The set-up of PMC in Kota Kinabalu would be Malaysia’s second such private pain clinic. The first was at Sunway Medical Centre in Selangor. Five other such clinics are at government hospitals in Selayang, Ipoh, Kota Baru, Johor Baru and Malacca.

PMC is headed by resident orthopaedic surgeon Dr Choong Leong Tong who acknowledges that pain is the body’s way of alerting that something is wrong. Even so, it is important to prevent pain before it gets a kick start and turn into a state or syndrome of chronic disease.

Because many clinicians presumed they “knew all about pain”, the relief and management of pain was often erratic, inconsistent and inadequate.

“The most important thing is to accept the pain problem and get rid of negative and unhelpful emotions like anger and frustration before moving on to a new future,” said PMC’s visiting Pain Medicine Specialist Dr Murray Taverner from Frankston Hospital in Australia.

The concept of self-management with assistance in dealing with pain consists of a positive attitude in helping patients, followed by medication and if necessary, intervention to help the patient to get the best outcome.

hospital heart surgery patientsActive self-management techniques, according to Taverner, include relaxation, distraction, problem-solving, task simplification and easier, and new ways to do things.

“We can teach the patients how to set priorities, establish goals and how to change the focus away from the pain to what he can do about managing life with the pain. It’s a total turnaround,” he added.

“The simple fact is being fit and active, and continue to be active will keep most people out of a wheelchair. Exercise is really very important – some forms of tai chi, yoga, or meditation helps. It is important to gradually increase the amount of exercise,” said Dr Taverner.

“Many people become very unfit because they are so afraid of injury that they do less and less activity until they do nothing.”

Dr Taverner said that reasonable exercise does not cause injury and “in fact most injury occurs from under activity”.

Selamat Hari Ibu – Ibu Berdaya, Negara Berjaya

Sebaran Media Wanita KEADILAN

10 Mei 2009

Ibu tetap dikenang walaupun tidak lagi bersama sebahagian daripada kita.

Jasa mereka tidak terbalas walaupun seumur hidup kita ingin berbuat sedemikian. Jika ibu tiada, masyarakat akan pincang. Tiada yang akan bersungguh-sungguh memperjuangkan kesejahteraan anak-anak, keluarga dan wanita; lebih-lebih lagi dalam keadaan di mana negara-negara sedang berperang dan mengalami ketidaksetaraan gender yang memungkinkan berbagai diskiriminasi gender berlaku.

Di negara-negara sedang membangun, setiap minit, seorang ibu akan meninggal dunia ketka melahirkan anak. Puluhan ribu yang lain pula mengalami kecederaan kekal yang mengesani kehidupan mereka sepanjang hayat kerana tidak mendapat rawatan yang sebaiknya.

Jika ibu tiada, anak-anak akan berisiko diabaikan dan didapati berada dijalanan, terdedah kepada berbagai penyakit, ekspolitasi dan dinafikan pendidikan yang sempurna.

Pemberdayaan (empowerment) wanita dalam bidang ekonomi juga masih belum dicapai di kebanyakan negara miskin dan membangun di dunia, termasuk Malaysia. Sekurang-kurangnya sejuta rakyat Malaysia pekerja wanita masih berada diaras kemiskinan. Kebanyakan dari mereka adalah ibu-ibu dan sebahagian mereka merupakan ibu tunggal. Ketiadaan pemberdayaan dalam bidang ekonomi ibu-ibu akan menafikan juga pemberdayaan dalam bidang sosial dan politik.

Kes Noorfadilla Binti Ahmad Saikin yang ditarikbalik tawaran sebagai Guru Sandaran Tidak Terlatih (GSTT) telah menyaksikan kewujudan buta gender di kalangan sebahagian jentera kerajaan yang melibatkan Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Kementerian Pelajaran, Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam dan Biro Pengaduan Awam sendiri. Meletakkan syarat bahawa ibu-ibu mengandung tidak boleh memohon kerja sebagai GSTT adalah jelas suatu bentuk diskriminasi yang tidak dapat dimaafkan. Ia nyata bertentangan dengan perlembagaan negara dan janji-janji Malaysia dalam mendokong sensitiviti gender dalam semua perkara di Malaysia. Penafian hak untuk diterima sebagai GSTT berdasarkan merit oleh ibu-ibu mengandung seperti Noorfadilla telah berlaku setiap tahun. Berapa ramaikah ibu-ibu yang telah merasa kecewa seperti Noorfadilla? Keadaan buta gender yang wujud dalam pentadbiran negara tidak boleh dibiarkan berlarutan. Oleh itu, langkah menerusi tindakan undang-undang akan diambil bagi membetulkan keadaan itu.

Sudah tiba masanya juga, kerajaan dan rakyat menerima hakikat bahawa keibuan itu adalah suatu konsep yang harus dipegang oleh semua demi kesejahteraan rakyat dan negara. Keibuan tidak harus difahami sebagai suatu tanggungjawab khusus para ibu tetapi juga adalah tanggungjawab yang wajar dipikul oleh semua dan perlu wujud dalam semua jentera kerajaan yang beroperasi bagi memastikan kesejahteraan rakyat dan negara. Keibuan merangkumi sensitiviti terhadap pembangunan potensi setiap anak, yang akan menjadi warganegara dewasa suatu masa kelak.

Di antara ciri kesedaran tanggungjawab keibuan ini ialah keperihatinan dan kesungguhan dalam memastikan persekitaraan yang terbaik untuk pembangunan potensi anak-anak dan menghapuskan sebarang unsur yang boleh membantut, merencat dan mencemar pemikiran, fizikal, spiritual, perkembangan emosi, kreativiti dan innovasi anak-anak.

Ia meliputi persekitaran yang boleh mempengaruhi perwatakan dan keperibadian anak-anak dalam bentuk audio-visual dan interaksi bersama mereka. Pendedahan audio-visual yang berunsur positif dan interaksi yang beradab dan sopan serta peka tentang keperluan anak-anak akan menjamin perkembangan potensi anak-anak yang sihat.
Oleh itu pengurusan penerbitan program-program televisyen, radio, akhbar, majalah, dan bahan-bahan audio visual yang lain, pengurusan operasi perkhidmatan untuk anak-anak seperti perkhimatan bas sekolah, transit aliran ringan, tren dan lain-lain, persekitaraan, yang merangkumi layanan terhadap anak-anak di tempat-tempat umum – pejabat, bank, restoren, kedai, pasaraya dan lain-lain lagi – wajar digalakkan untuk menepati kehendak pembangunan potensi anak-anak.

Ibu tulus dan halus sifatnya dalam memastikan kebaikan dan kesejahteraan dinikmati oleh setiap mereka yang di bawah jagaannya.
Kehadiran ibu adalah penting untuk anak-anak, keluarga, masyarakat, dan negara, tetapi jika rakyat dan kerajaan bersifat keibuan, maka banyak pula masalah sosial, politik dan ekonomi negara akan dapat diselesaikan.

Selamat Hari Ibu,
Ibu Berdaya, Negara Berjaya

Biro Penerangan
Wanita KEADILAN —————————————————————————————————————-

Untuk sebarang petanyaan mengenai sebaran media di atas, sila hubungi: Rozaini binti Mohd Rosli, tel.: 019-2676879, email:

Nik Aziz to Elizabeth Wong

Pertemuan Eli dengan EXCO Wanita KEADILAN dua hari lepas telah menyaksikan Eli seorang yang lebih matang dan telah belajar dari peristiwa lalu yang dilemparkan oleh mereka yang mengamalkan politik durjana.

Eli telah sempat menemui Tuan Guru Nik Aziz sebelum beliau berangkat untuk menunaikan umrah. Eli telah menerima nasihat Tuan Guru yang mengandungi pesanan, yang sebenarnya sesuai untuk semua mereka yang ingin merealisasikan Politik Baru.

Nasihat beliau kepada Eli: Jangan buat tiga “D”; Dendam-Dengki-Degil.

Semoga Tiga “D” tiada dalam kamus setiap pejuang kebenaran dan keadilan, khususnya dalam Pakatan Rakyat.

1 Mei 2009


Golongan pekerja merupakan nadi utama yang membina negara Malaysia ini. Mereka bertungkus lumus mencari rezeki dan pada masa yang sama usaha mereka itulah yang menggerakkan negara ini. Setiap cerita kejayaan negara ini yang kita saksi dengan penuh rasa bangga, maka kenanglah setiap titik keringat yang tumpah dari batang tubuh para pekerja yang berkorban untuk hasrat tersebut.

Bila datangnya 1hb Mei setiap tahun, kita mengambil kesempatan itu untuk mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan kepada semua pekerja. Namun tahun ini kita resah mengenangkan muramnya kedudukan ekonomi negara dan betapa ianya memberi kesan buruk kepada semua pekerja. Kegawatan ekonomi yang melanda serta pengurusan ekonomi negara yang tidak berwibawa hanya menimbulkan keresahan terhadap kedudukan para pekerja. Ekonomi negara yang sama-sama dibangunkan, manifestasi dari harapan untuk mencipta masa depan yang lebih baik, hari ini tidak lagi bermanfaat buat mereka. Kadar pengangguran dijangka mencecah 4.5% tahun ini, bermakna hampir 500 000 individu akan kehilangan pekerjaan.

Oleh itu kita tidak boleh berlengah lagi. Perubahan serta langkah pemulihan yang diwar warkan hanya bersifat runcitan demi mencuri masa yang kian suntuk buat kerajaan BN pimpinan UMNO. Sudah tiba masanya rakyat Malaysia memilih Perubahan yang sebenarnya, yang tuntas memperjuangkan hak setiap dari warganya termasuklah hak golongan pekerja. Para pekerja, ayoh bersatulah demi mencipta Perubahan!


The Orang Asli will given way, rightly by the Selangor Government

22 APRIL, 2009


SHAH ALAM: The State Executive Councilors’ Meeting today decided to withdraw the State Government’s appeal to the Federal Court with respect to the Sagong Tasi case involving the acquisition of 38.477 acres of the Temuan tribe’s customary lands at Bukit Tampoi, Dengkil in 1995.

Accordingly, the State Legal Advisor will inform the Federal Court tomorrow of the State Government’s intention to withdraw from the case.

The State has also taken into account the concerns raised in the Court of Appeal judgment in respect of the gazette of Orang Asli land and has formed an Orang Asli Land Taskforce – which will be launched on May 4, 2009 – to address land-related issues.

The Pakatan Rakyat Government in Selangor hopes that the decision will foster a stronger working relationship needed to address all the problems of the Orang Asli who have been marginalized from mainstream development. The State Government believes in protecting the rights of indigenous peoples and will continue to treat the Orang Asli community with the respect they deserve and that should have been accorded to them from the very beginning.



S’gor pulls out from fighting Orang Asli case
Apr 22, 09 3:59pm
The Selangor government has decided not to challenge the landmark court judgment which recognised the right of a group of Orang Asli to their customary land in Bukit Tampoi, Dengkil.
In 2005, the Court of Appeal upheld the Shah Alam High Court’s judgment that Sagong Tasi and six others from the Temuan tribe be compensated under the Land Acquisition Act 1960 for the loss of their 38-acre customary land in Bukit Tampoi.

The court dismissed the appeal by the federal government, the Selangor government, the Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA) and United Engineers Malaysia Berhad (UEM) who argued that native customary and ancestral rights are not equivalent to propriety rights under common law.

Both UEM and MHA have been ordered by the court to pay damages for trespassing on the ancestral land to build a highway to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The two were also ordered to pay exemplary and special damages for the harsh treatment meted out to the Orang Asli when being evicted from their land.

On hearing the judgment, 350 Orang Asli who had gathered outside the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya jumped for joy.

But their jubilation was short-lived as the four appellants have since gone to the Federal Court – the country’s highest court – in the bid to reverse the judgment.

Gov’t wants to protect their rights

But today, the executive council of the Selangor government, one of the four appellants, has decided to pull out from the case.

“Accordingly, the state legal advisor will inform the Federal Court tomorrow of the state government’s intention to withdraw from the case,” said Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim.

Khalid said that his state government will set up an Orang Asli Land Taskforce, to be launched on May 4, to address such land-related issues.

“The Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor hopes that the decision (to withdraw from the case) will foster a stronger working relationship needed to address all the problems of the Orang Asli who have been marginalised from mainstream development.

“The state government believes in protecting the rights of indigenous peoples and will continue to treat the Orang Asli community with the respect they deserve and that should have been accorded to them from the very beginning.”

The federal government has argued that prior to the tribe’s settlement in Bukit Tampoi 210 years ago, the land was already owned by the Selangor sultanate and therefore they could not have held native or customary rights status.

“The decision of the Appeals Court was therefore fundamentally flawed as the status of the land, which was part of the sultanate land, was not properly considered in the judgment,” senior federal counsel Mary Lim told the Federal Court.

Kedurjanaan Petugas Pilihan Raya BN di Bukit Gantang

Gambar-gambar di atas oleh Leo, jurukamera blog Wanita KEADILAN

Ahli Parlimen Seputeh, Teresa Kok hari ini mendesak polis dan Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga & Masyarakat, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil memandang serius kes pencabulan ke atas ahli Srikandi Keadilan pada pilihanraya kecil parlimen Bukit Gantang lalu.

Beliau meminta Sharizat yang sebelum ini yang bersuara lantang membela wanita daripada gangguan seksual supaya mengambil kes ini dengan serius dan mendesak pihak polis melakukan sesiatan dan mendakwa mereka yang telribat di mahkamah. Shrizat setakat ini membisu dan tidak memberi sebarang komen setakat ini.

Teresa berjanji akan membawa kes in ke sidang Parlimen dan menuntut supaya Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat Sharizat Jalil supaya mengabil segera bagi menyelesaikan perkara ini sehingga dibawa ke pengadilan.

Sementara itu, Wanita KeADILan Zuraida Kamaruddin mahu kes ahli Srikandi KeADILan yang telah di ganggu dalam cubaan mencabul dengan gangguan seksual semasa kempen pilihanraya kecil P59 Bukit Gantang pada 6 April lalu diambil tindakan segera oleh pihak polis.

Beliau juga mahukan penjelasan daripada Bernama TV yang telah membuat liputan dan melaporkan bahawa Srikandi KeADILan itu bersifat penggoda dan juga membuat laporan palsu kepada pihak polis.

“Wanita KeADILan mahukan penjelasan dari Bernama dan jika tidak kami tidak akan teragak-agak untuk mengambil tindakan saman terhadap agensi berita berkenaan,” tegas Zuraida semasa sidang akhbar beliau selepas majlis Hi Tea Wanita Pakatan Rakyat semalam.

Dalam sidang akhbar beliau hari ini, Zuraida menekankan bahawa selepas dua minggu insiden itu berlaku namun masih tiada siasatan atau tindakan yang diambil oleh pihak polis.

Ekoran laporan polis oleh wanita KeADILan itu di Balai Polis Simpang, Bukit Gantang pada hari kejadian, seorang ahli Srikandi yang hanya mahu dikenali dengan panggilan ‘Ana’, 20, bahawa pada kira-kira jam 4 petang, beliau dan lima lagi rakan-rakan Srikandi lain sedang berjalan melalui bilik gerakan Barisan Nasional berdekatan kawasan Simpang.

Lalu beliau ditarik dan dikepung oleh sekumpulan lebih sepuluh orang lelaki berumur kira-kira 50 – 60 tahun dan cuba melondehkan seluar yang dipakainya pada waktu itu. Mereka juga mengeluarkan kata-kata lucah dan kesat terhadap beliau dan mempersendakan beliau.

Sebanyak tiga laporan polis telah dibuat oleh pihak Wanita KeADILan, di Balai Polis Simpang dan Balai Polis Changkat Jering dan diberi jaminan bahawa pihak polis akan mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya namun setelah dua minggu berlalu tidak menampakan sebarang perkembangan yang dibuat oleh pihak polis.

Walaupun pihak Wanita KeADILan telah memberi gambar-gambar penyokong BN yang disyaki terlibat serta menyatakan ada rakaman CCTV daripada sebuah supermarket berhampiran namun tiada sebarang siasatan diambil oleh pihak polis.

“Saya berjumpa dengan seorang anggota polis yang berpangkat inspektor bernama Shahrin dan beliau telah berjanji akan memastikan kes ini dibawa ke pengadilan, maka saya akan pergi ke dua-dua Balai Polis untuk membuat tindakan susulan,” tegas Zuraida lagi.

Dalam kejadian tersebut, Ana telah diselamatkan oleh seorang penceramah bebas Arsian Napi, 50, serta seorang lagi rakan beliau yang kebetulan sedang minum di sebuah gerai berhampiran tempat kejadian yang juga berhadapan dengan bilik gerakan BN Simpang.

Beliau dengan tangkas bergegas ke tempat kejadian kerana mensyaki satu kejadian yang pelik sedang berlaku di situ. Beliau kemudiannya meleraikan kejadian yang menjijikkan dilakukan oleh sekumpulan penyokong BN yang sebaya dengan beliau.

“Saya dan rakan di pukul dan di halau dengan kata-kata kesat serta memaki hamun dangan perkatan yang tidak sedap di dengar,” kata Arsian semasa sidang akhbar tersebut.

Ibubapa Ana merasa amat terkilan dan sedih keatas nasib yang menimpa anak mereka dan mahukan latarbelakang Ana dirahsiakan demi menjaga maruah keluarga dan diri Ana dari difitnah oleh orang-orang yang berniat jahat terhadap beliau.

“Mereka meminta supaya identiti Ana tidak di hebahkan atas alasan keluarga Ana tinggal di kampung dan tidak mahu pihak tertentu mangambil kesempatan keatas musibah yang berlaku,” jelas Zuraida lagi.

Walau bagimanapun pihak Wanita akan pergi ke dua-dua Balai Polis berkenaan dan mendesak supaya pihak polis beertindak dengan segera.

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