Perak Oh Perak! Lawan Tetap Lawan! (Video di bawah sekali)

Pakatan reps arrested, state secretariat blocked
Sep 2, 09 9:07am

The Perak Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives are determined to proceed with their planned state assembly sitting today despite a police order barring anyone from gathering at the state secretariat.

Ousted menteri besar Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin and some of the Pakatan state reps started arriving to the state secretariat at about 8.45am. Some 150 supporters were present.

The police meanwhile have thrown a heavy security cordon around the state secretariat with Federal Reserve Unit trucks and water cannon blocking the rear entrance of the building.

The police have also cordoned off the tree under which the last Pakatan-held state assembly was held in March. About 100 police personnel are on standby.

At 9.45am, all the Pakatan representatives and their speaker V Sivakumar began walking from the Perak DAP office towards the state secretariat. They were accompanied by some 50 supporters.

Three reps arrested

When stopped by police, Perak DAP head Ngeh Koo Ham argued with them about the court order prohibiting the gathering.

“The court order says the public cannot be in the vicinity, but is silent on state assemblypersons. It is illegal to stop state assemblypersons fromperforming their duties…

“Furthermore, Section 90 of the Criminal Procedure Code says that such an order must be gazetted.” [See notice on court order]

The group then attempted to march on, but was blocked by a row of riot police. Ngeh was arrested at 10.10am.

Also arrested was Stanley Tan (below), a photographer with Nanyang Siang Pau, who was said to have been kicked in the process.

He had shouted at the police: “You nak kerja, kita pun nak kerja.” (We both have duties to perform.)

Also arrested were Malim Nawar state rep Keshvinder Singh and Simpang Pulai assemblyperson Chang Ming Kai. Three other members of the public were also arrested.

By 10.20am, the Pakatan reps and their supporters retreated to the state DAP headquarters which is located just behind the state secretariat.

Here Sivakumar told reporters that the assembly would be convened at the nearby Heritage Hotel based on the doctrine of necessity.

Nizar meanwhile slammed the police over their high-handed approach in arresting the three state representatives and the others.

“This is the holy month and yet they behave in such manner,” said Nizar.

It was also learned that Keshvinder was hurt in the process of being arrested and has been taken to the Ipoh Hospital for treatment.

Pro-BN crowd arrives

Meanwhile a second group of people – pro-royalist/BN crowd wearing yellow shirts – also started arriving at the area at about 10am, shouting slogans in support of the Barisan Nasional state government, Perak sultan and the state assembly’s sanctity.

The police quickly moved in to disperse this crowd, which they did, but not before unfurling banners just next to the Pakatan supporters.

The banners generally showed support for BN’s Menteri Besar Zambry Abd Kadir and his state government.

“Dr Zambry and BN government are the people’s choice,” read one banner.

Eye-witnesses reported that the police took a much softer approach in dealing with this crowd.

Seeking to set aside order

In another development, Pakatan lawyers applied to the court this morning to set aside the Ipoh Magistrate’s Court order yesterday which prohibits any gathering within a 30m radius of the state secretariat.

The order was obtained by the police to stop the gathering and is effective from 1am today to 11am tomorrow.

Ipoh police chief ACP Azisman Alias said yesterday that only civil servants working in the building would be allowed to enter the building today.

The notice for the meeting today was issued last week by Pakatan’s speaker V Sivakumar, who is also the Tronoh state assemblyperson.

BN’s speaker R Ganesan had however asked state assemblyperson to ignore the notice as it was issued by an illegal source.

Zambry: Pakatan ‘shiok sendiri’

In a statement issued later, the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) expressed regret over the alleged assault and arrest of news photographer Tan.

“The photographer was merely carrying out his professional duty. The policeman who is said to have assaulted Tan should know the photographer was wearing his press tag, said NUJ president Norila Daud.

“The policeman’s highhandedness reflects that he has no respect for law,” she added.

Norila urged the police to exercise restraint when carrying out their duty.

Meanwhile, BN Menteri Besar Zambry Abd Kadir has slammed Pakatan for seeking to convene the assembly.

“They are trying to make their own laws and implementing them to ‘shiok sendiri’ (please themselves)…they show total disrespect to the democratic system in the country.

“What they did was to provoke the police …they ask to be arrested and if possible be handcuffed so that it can be published in newspapers. They will then claim they are being oppressed,” he said.

Raja Petra: Selamat Moodeka!

Many Malaysians were born after 31st August 1957. Many were also born after 13th May 1969. Therefore, what they know of history is what has been revealed, or permitted, in the history books. Well, on the aftermath of the 52nd Anniversary of Moodeka, allow Malaysia Today to walk you through a brief Malaysian history lesson.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The recent development in Shah Alam has changed the entire landscape of the National Day celebration. What used to be known as Merdeka Day has now been renamed Moodeka Day. That will be the day all Malaysians will remember as the day a cow’s head was dragged to the Selangor State Secretariat building as a mark of protest.

Of course, it appeared like the protest was against the relocation of a Hindu temple from section 19 to section 23 in Shah Alam. Actually, the protest was against the Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, PKR Exco Member Rodziah Ismail, and PAS Member of Parliament Khalid Samad. They threw Dr Xavier Jayakumar in just to give it more ‘balance’ even though the good doctor is a Christian and not a Hindu.

The Hindu temple concerned was built 150 years ago at the time when that part of Selangor was still just a jungle. Then the jungle was cleared and turned into a rubber estate and, soon after, the temple emerged to serve the needs of the Indian estate workers. So the temple was built long before Shah Alam ever became a residential area, let alone a Malay residential area.

In that sense the houses that came along 100 years or so later encroached on the Hindu temple. It was not a case of a Hindu temple being built in a housing area, or a Malay housing area. It was a case of the houses being built in the Hindu temple area. So the houses were ‘disturbing’ the Hindu temple rather than the other way around. But the Hindu temple was asked to relocate because it was accused of disturbing the housing area whereas it should have been the Hindus who should have protested against the houses that were now ‘disturbing’ their temple.

Now, what has the above got to do with the National Day celebration? Nothing! But if I don’t bring this up then how can I explain why the National Day will forever be remembered as Moodeka Day?

But Moodeka Day only applies to West Malaysians. East Malaysians did not see independence until six years later on 16th September 1963. But the East Malaysians are also being asked to celebrate Moodeka Day or Independence Day on 31st August since the Hawaiians also celebrate the American Independence Day even though they did not get independence on 4th July 1776 but were in fact colonised much later on 21st August 1959.

But the Hawaiians don’t mind. They know they never got independence on 4th July 1776. In fact, they also never got independence on 21st August 1959 since they were annexed rather than freed. But by becoming America’s 51st state they now could have the US Dollar as their currency and this is more valuable than the beads that they used to use to trade in.

Of course, today, the US Dollar is not as valuable as the beads that the Hawaiians used to use as currency. There are so much US Dollars being printed that the US government has lost track of the actual amount of US Dollars in circulation. Today, the US Dollar has the same status as Malaya’s ‘Banana Money’ during the Japanese occupation. The only thing is the Japanese lost the war while the Americans did not. So the Banana Money is no longer worth anything while the US Dollar is still accepted as valid currency. But if the Americans had lost the war while the Japanese had instead won, then, today, the Banana Money would be the currency we trade in rather than the US Dollar.

No one disputes the fact that the US Dollar is an accepted currency only because we need it to trade in oil. But if the world suddenly switches to another currency for its oil trade then, poof, the US Dollar would go the same way as the Japanese Banana money.

But, of course, this will never happen because all the dictators of the world and the corrupted leaders keep their ill-gotten gains in US Dollars. If the US Dollar suddenly goes the way of the Japanese Banana Money then all the billionaires who plundered their own countries would be broke overnight. So it is to the interest of the corrupted people of the world to ensure that the US Dollar still retains its value so that they can continue being billionaires. Hence, oil will still be traded in US Dollars for the sake of the corrupted and in the spirit of the rallying call; Corrupted of the World Unite.

The Hawaiians, however, are beginning to realise that being colonised by the Americans because of the benefit of the US Dollar is slowly beginning to lose its attraction. A day will come when beads will be more valuable than the US Dollar and the Hawaiians will want to revert to beads as their legal tender. And that will be when the Hawaiians will demand true independence and America will be reduced to just 50 states.

And that is also the case with the East Malaysians. They realise that the Brunei Dollar is more valuable than the Malaysian Ringgit. The Brunei Dollar is at par with the Singapore Dollar and is accepted as legal tender in Singapore. The Malaysian Ringgit, however, not only is much lower in value, can’t be used in Singapore. Singapore shops will not accept the Malaysian Ringgit. And it is very hard to deal ‘under the table’ with the Ringgit since the largest Ringgit is only RM50 while you can get a Singapore Dollar as high as 10,000.

Imagine how many bags you need to pack to bribe a Malaysian politician RM10 million in cash if you pay them in Ringgit compared to using Singapore Dollars. So the Singapore Dollar is more useful if you need to pay off a Malaysian politician. And this is why East Malaysians prefer Singapore Dollars instead of Malaysian Ringgit. So what is the purpose of Sabah and Sarawak being part of Malaysia when it is so difficult to deal in Malaysian Ringgit when bribes need to be paid?

Anyway, East Malaysians resent the fact that they are being asked to celebrate 31st August as their National Day and that the recent National Day was dubbed as the 52nd Anniversary. This is not only because they never got independence on 31st August or, for that matter, never got independence at all, but also because they never ‘joined’ Malaysia in the real sense.

You see; Malaya already existed on 16th September 1963. By then, it had already existed for about six years. So, six years after Malaya’s independence from Britain, Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and Brunei were invited by Malaya to form a new country called Malaysia.

Brunei, of course, refused because the Sultan realised that they would not be ‘joining’ a new country but would in fact be colonised by Malaya. And the fact that Malaya was behind Azahari who started a revolution and tried to topple the Sultan convinced the Sultan that Malaya’s intention is mala fide. And when Singapore left, or got kicked out of Malaysia, depending on whose history book you read, this convinced the Brunei Sultan even more that his decision was right.

Sabah and Sarawak did not leave though. No doubt, back then, there was talk that a few of the East Malaysian leaders were also contemplating doing what Singapore did. But since all these leaders somehow died in a mysterious plane crash and since ‘dead men tell no tales’ we will never know the truth. And immediately after that the leadership of East Malaysia shifted into the hands of the pro-Malaysia group and those still anti-Malaysia, after seeing what happened to those who mooted the idea of leaving Malaysia, decided to just go along with what the leaders of West Malaysia wanted. It was safer to play along than to also die in a mysterious plane crash.

But why are the East Malaysians so unhappy about being in Malaysia? Well, for starters, 50% of the oil and gas comes from East Malaysia but they do not get 50% of the development expenditure. In fact, the other 50% of the oil and gas comes from Terengganu but they also do not get 50% of the development expenditure. Terengganu does not even get 5% oil royalty like what the East Malaysian states get, at least not since 1990. The money goes to Umno.

The main bone of contention for the East Malaysians is that they never joined Malaysia, and for sure not on 31st August 1957, the date they are being asked to celebrate as their National Day or Moodeka Day. Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and Brunei were invited to form a new country called Malaysia based on an equal status with Malaya. So, Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and Brunei would be at par with Malaya, not become one of the states of Malaysia.

Today, however, Malaysia is said to have 13 states, down from 14 after Singapore left or got kicked out. But that is not true. Malaya originally had 11 states — Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan. These 11 states were under the Federation of Malaya. Then the Federation of Malaya merged with Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore to form Malaysia. So, there were now four member countries of Malaysia — Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore — and not 14 member states.

And that is why Lee Kuan Yew still wanted to be called the Prime Minister of Singapore. But the Prime Minister of Malaya, Tunku Abdul Rahman, did not agree to that. He wanted Lee Kuan Yew to be ‘downgraded’ to the status of Chief Minister of Singapore, just like the Chief Ministers of Sabah and Sarawak. Malaysia can’t have two Prime Ministers, argued the Tunku. And if Lee Kuan Yew still insists on remaining as the Prime Minister of Singapore, then Singapore would have to leave Malaysia.

And so Singapore did leave Malaysia though it left because it was chased out over a fight of whether Malaysia can or cannot have two Prime Ministers.

Now, of course, Malaysia has reverted to having two Prime Ministers. And Prime Minister 2, as we all know, is Najib Tun Razak. If Singapore had stayed in Malaysia then we would now have three Prime Ministers. And, knowing Rosmah Mansor, the Singapore Prime Minister would be Prime Minister 3.

No doubt Sabah and Sarawak are still allowed certain ‘extras’ compared to the 11 West Malaysian states. For example, they don’t have a CPO (Chief Police Officer) but a Police Commissioner. And the Sabah and Sarawak Police Commissioners get to drive around with flags on the bonnet of their cars, which CPOs of West Malaysia can’t do.

And the Police Commissioners of Sabah and Sarawak get to fly around in a police plane although they can get arrested and charged for doing so — like the pervious Police Commissioner of Sabah, Ramli Yusuff — if the IGP testifies during your trial that you were on leave that day even though you were not.

Furthermore, West Malaysian lawyers can’t practice in East Malaysia unless they first obtain permission while the Sabah and Sarawak Immigration Department can refuse to allow West Malaysians entry into the state. This is meant to give the impression that Malaysia is honouring the 20-Point Agreement that says Sabah and Sarawak are not at par with the 11 West Malaysian states but are, in fact, par with Malaya.

To West Malaysians, whether National Day should be celebrated on 31st August or 16th September is not important and whether this year it should be the 52nd Anniversary, or 52 minus six, is also not important. But to the East Malaysians it is. And this is what West Malaysians are not sensitive about.

Nevertheless, while West Malaysians and East Malaysians may disagree on these points, one thing that all Malaysians unanimously agree on is that 2009 will forever be remembered as Hari Moodeka in the spirit of the cow’s head that was dragged to the Selangor State Secretariat building in Shah Alam in an attempt to duplicate a coup in Selangor like what they did in Perak not too long ago.

Selamat Moodeka everyone!

Strategi Konspirasi BN, memainkan sentimen kaum (updated)

Kelihatan kepala lembu yang menjadi keharaman bagi kaum hindu memakannya di usung ke pintu pagar Bangunan Pentadbiran Kerajaan Selangor pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat.

Kumpulan yang berdemonstrasi tanpa permit itu telah berceramah dan menghamburkan kata-kata kesat terhadap MB Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, YB Rodziah Ismail, YB Khalid Samad, dan Dr Xavier.

Ribuan mereka yang solat Jumaat tidak mengikuti rombongan Demo tersebut, yang diketuai oleh seorang yang bernama Ibrahim.
Hanya kira-kira 35 orang menyertai demo itu.



29 OGOS 2009


SHAH ALAM: Kerajaan Selangor kesal terhadap tindakan menghina, menghasut dan menimbulkan kemarahan dalam kalangan penganut agama lain yang diapi-apikan oleh segelintir kumpulan pembantah yang berarak membawa kepala lembu sebagai tindakan membantah pembinaan kuil Hindu di Seksyen 23, di sini.

Pada ketika rakyat Selangor sedang bersiap-sedia untuk  menyambut Ulang Tahun Kemerdekaan Ke-52, sikap tidak bertolak ansur terhadap agama orang lain yang masih wujud dalam kalangan segelintir warganegara Malaysia itu, sangatlah dikesali.

Kejadian dan tindakan menghina agama orang lain itu menyebabkan  seluruh negara ini dilihat undur kebelakang dalam usaha mewujudkan rasa hormat terhadap kepelbagaian agama dan adat resam dalam kalangan penduduk pelbagai keturunan. Walhal usaha tersebut, sebenarnya sudah dilakukan sejak kemerdekaan tahun 1957 lagi, demi pembinaan satu negara bangsa yang memperlihatkan persamaan visi dan identiti.

Seterusnya, Kerajaan Negeri berharap semua rakyat supaya bersikap matang dan tidak mudah terpengaruh dengan sikap tidak bertanggungjawab segelintir pembantah tersebut kerana ia dikhuatiri boleh mewujudkan ketegangan antara kaum.  Dalam hal ini, walaupun kita wajar mengecam tindakan mereka yang tidak bertanggungjawab tersebut, namun kita lebih baik menyerahkan kepada pihak berwajib untuk mengambil tindakan.

Sehubungan ini, Kerajaan Negeri meminta supaya pihak polis segera mengambil tindakan secara adil dan melakukan penyiasatan termasuk mengambil tindakan terhadap pihak-pihak yang mengugut para pemimpin Kerajaan Negeri.

Kerajaan Negeri juga sudah mengarahkan Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA) supaya mengadakan perbincangan terbuka pada Sabtu, 5 September 2009, yang  dihadiri oleh penduduk sebenar Seksyen 23, pegawai-pegawai MBSA dan pegawai-pegawai Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS).

Perbincangan itu nanti bukan sahaja mendengar luahan pendapat masyarakat setempat tetapi juga memberikan peluang kepada pihak Kerajaan Negeri untuk menjelaskan fakta sebenar dan alasan yang menyebabkan keputusan menempatkan semula kuil Hindu di Seksyen 19 ke Seksyen 23.

Sementara menunggu tarikh perjumpaan tersebut, Kerajaan Negeri menggesa supaya penduduk Seksyen 23 bertenang dan tidak membiarkan diri mereka dipengaruhi oleh fakta-fakta yang tidak benar yang sengaja diapi-apikan oleh kumpulan yang memang berniat jahat terhadap keharmonian rakyat dan kestabilan politik Kerajaan Negeri Selangor.

Sekali lagi, marilah kita sama-sama memelihara sikap bertimbang rasa, rasional dan saling hormat menghormati kerana inilah cara terbaik bagi menyelesaikan hal ini.




Parti Keadilan Rakyat mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya tindakan sekumpulan 50 orang yang kononnya mewakili penduduk Seksyen 23 di Shah Alam yang telah mengarak dan bertindak menghina kepala seekor lembu dalam memprotes isu penempatan semula sebuah kuil Hindu.
Tindakan mereka ini dengan jelas bertujuan untuk mengaibkan dan menimbulkan kemarahan penganut Hindu yang menganggap lembu sebagai binatang yang suci.
Agama Islam tidak pernah mengajar penganut Islam untuk mencemuh mahupun menghina agama atau kepercayaan orang lain malah telah melarang sekali orang-orang Islam berbuat sedemikian.
Keadilan juga percaya bahawa tindakan ini berupa satu cubaan untuk mewujudkan kemarahan dan kebencian di antara orang-orang Islam dan Hindu sekaligus mencetuskan perbalahan kaum dan agama dan suasana yang tegang di Selangor lantas memberi peluang untuk UMNO untuk merampas balik Selangor sebagaimana yang dilaung-laungkan kononnya atas nama bangsa dan agama.
Keadilan menyeru pihak berkuasa mengambil tindakan yang tegas untuk menjaga keamanan dan keharmonian dan tidak memandang remeh terhadap perbuatan yang jelasnya salah disisi undnag-undang dan berbentuk provokasi dan menggugat ketenteraman awam dan hubungan antara kaum/agama.
Keadilan juga kesal kerana pihak polis Selangor gagal menghalang kejadian ini dari berlaku dan sebaliknya Ketua Polis Selangor menyatakan bahawa tindakan boleh diambil hanya sekiranya terdapat laporan polis. Ini jelas menunjukkan sikap sambil lewa pihak polis seolah-olah membenarkan atau mengalakkan perkara sebegini.
Keadilan meminta semua pihak yang berkenaan untuk bertenang dan berwaspada supaya tidak terperangkap dengan reaksi yang boleh diambil kesempatan oleh pihak UMNO yang berusaha untuk menjatuhkan Kerajaan Negeri Selangor dengan mencetuskan insiden-insiden berunsur perkauman dan agama.
Latheefa Koya
Ketua Penerangan
Parti Keadilan Rakyat
Dari seorang pengirim MFILE:

Bantahan Pembinaan Kuil Seksyen 23, Shah Alam


Usai waktu solat jumaat, sekali lagi berlakunya tunjuk perasaan dan bantahan dari sekumpulan individu yang mendakwa mereka dari kumpulan penduduk Seksyen 23, Shah Alam. Seramai lebih kurang, 35 orang sahaja, dengan membawa kepala lembu yang masih berdarah, mereka telah melaungkan kata-kata kesat di depan pintu pagar utama Bangunan Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (SSAAS) yang ditujukan buat Y.B. Rodziah Ismail, Y.B. Khalid Samad dan Y.A.B Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim sebagai tanda teguh bantahan secara berterus-terusan. Mereka membantah penubuhan kuil di Seksyen 23 tersebut yang bukan pun terletak di dalam kawasan perumahan seperti dakwaan mereka. Tapak tersebut sebenarnya merupakan tapak industri dan berjauhan dari perumahan penduduk Seksyen 23. Jelas dan terang, tapak industri, bukan tapak perumahan. Jika tidak, masakan PKNS yang mencadangkan dan memberikan tanah tersebut? Dengan megah, mereka melaungkan bahawa ketiga-tiga pemimpin ini bagaikan pemimpin yang dicucuk hidungnya. Akan tetapi, tidakkah mereka sedar apa yang dikatakan oleh mereka itu tadi terkena batang hidung pemimpin Kerajaan Negeri Selangor dahulu iaitu KERAJAAN BARISAN NASIONAL? Pelik, membantah satu usaha kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Negeri Selangor kini yang sebenarnya telah membantu menyelesaikan masalah juak-juak pemimpin Barisan Nasional yang hanya menutup mata dan memekakkan telinga selama 26 tahun lepas akan aduan dan rungutan penduduk yang majoritinya Islam di seksyen 19, untuk memindahkan kuil Seksyen 19 tersebut yang didirikan amat berdekatan dengan barisan perumahan kawasan penduduk Melayu, telah dianggap salah oleh kumpulan ini. Di tapak yang baru ini, bukan sahaja barisan rumah sayup dilihat, melaung pun masih tidak dengar. Apa yang mereka tidak faham ialah Kuil di Seksyen 19 yang majoritinya kawasan penduduk Melayu itu perlu dipindahkan ke tempat yang lebih sesuai. Walaupun cuba diberikan penerangan dan kefahaman akan tapak sebenar cadangan pembinaan kuil di Seksyen 23, mereka masih menafikan dan menepis segala kebenaran dan melaungkan segala salah fahaman mereka itu.  Hari ini, dengan lantang bersuara mereka mencabar sekiranya penubuhan kuil tersebut diteruskan, akan berlakulah pertumpahan darah seperti di Taman Medan sebelum ini. Di manakah sebenarnya mereka ini harus diletakkan kerana telah terang-terangan mengugut dan mengancam keselamatan rakyat di Negeri Selangor khususnya. Segala bobrokan dan tindak -tanduk mereka ini semakin hari dilihat semakin memualkan, tidak cukup dengan kegiatan vandalism yang telah mereka lakukan. Merekalah pembangkang dan generasi yang mengajar aktiviti tidak sihat itu kepada anak-anak zaman kini. Ingin menghangatkan lagi mainan politik, sehinggakan rasional dan kesabaran tidak dapat difikirkan pada petang Ramadhan ini. Masyaallah..


Cops say sorry, promise prompt action
Aug 29, 09 11:07am

The police have apologised for not taking prompt action during the ‘cow head’ protest that took place in Shah Alam yesterday, said Selangor exco member Dr Xavier Jeyakumar.

He said Shah Alam district police chief Noor Azam Jamaluddin conveyed his apology to several Pakatan Rakyat leaders during a meeting this morning.

The police chief explained that the officer at the scene was a ‘junior’ (suggesting that he was inexperienced in handling such matters).

“So Noor Azam has given us his word that action will be taken immediately against those responsible (for the protest),” said Jeyakumar, who overseas non-Muslim affairs in the state.

He also revealed that numerous police reports have been filed over the incident.

“Many of the (reports) are by NGOs, councillors, PAS Youth, PKR Youth and some individuals,” he said.

The half-hour meeting was held at the Shah Alam police district headquarters and was attended by DAP MP Charles Santiago and state exco Ronnie Liu as well.

Yesterday, some 50 residents enraged with the proposed relocation of a Hindu temple to their area staged a noisy protest with a severed cow’s head.The residents who gathered after the Friday prayers, placed the head outside the gates of the state secretariat building for a short period before removing it.

Meanwhile, Santiago said it was “weird” that the dozens of policemen “watched silently” when the protesters were spitting on and kicking the bloodied cow head.

“I also strongly condemn the lack of action on the part of the police, who have subtly been accomplices to the act that is totally disrespectful of Hindus,” he said.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tapak Kuil Seksyen 23 Shah Alam

Baru-baru ini, banyak betul yang kita dengar berhubung isu tapak kuil yang dicadangkan di Seksyen 23, Shah Alam. Yang tahu, yang tak tahu dan yang buat-buat tahu, semuanya turut sama mengemukakan pandangan masing-masing. Di antaranya, pandangan Noh Omar yang menyatakan bagaimana kerajaan PR tidak peka terhadap sensitiviti umat Islam.

Oleh itu, bagi mereka yang ingin tahu, izinkan saya menceritakan serba sedikit perkara sebenar berkenaan isu ini. Tapak Kuil yang dicadangkan adalah di kawasan Industri, lebih 200 meter dari kawasan perumahan. Sebuah Kuil yang sekarang ini berada di Seksyen 19 akan dipindahkan ke tapak baru yang dicadangkan ini. Di Seksyen 19, kuil berkenaan hanya berjarak 20 kaki dari kawasan perumahan! Buka pintu rumah, seberang jalan terdapat kuil.

Sebenarnya, kuil Seksyen 19 telah berada di situ sejak zaman sebelum wujudnya Shah Alam lagi. Pada masa itu kawasan di mana kuil tersebut dibina dinamakan Ladang Sungai Renggam. Apabila PKNS ambil-alih, maka dijadikan kawasan perumahan. Semasa membina dan menjual rumah-rumah di Seksyen 19, PKNS tidak menunjukkan kuil tersebut di dalam pelan mereka. Sebaliknya yang ditunjuk adalah rumah-rumah teres dua tingkat.

Maka, para pembeli rumah sekitar kuil tersebut, 80% dari mereka yang merupakan orang Melayu Islam pun terperanjatlah apabila berpindah ke rumah baru mereka dan mendapati kuil masih berada di situ. Sedangkan mereka diberitahu bahawa kuil tersebut akan dipindahkan. Malangnya, PKNS di bawah pemerintahan Kerajaan Negeri UMNO/BN, tidak menunaikan janji mereka dan tidak juga bertanggung-jawab dalam soal ini. Kalau diusahakan pada ketika itu, masih terdapat banyak kawasan lapang, maka perancangan yang lebih sesuai dan tepat dapat dilaksanakan.

Seperti yang diduga dan sepertimana biasa, kerajaan BN tidak melakukan apa-apa. Penduduk terpaksa bersabar selama 26 tahun, menagih janji dari PKNS dan kerajaan BN Selangor, sehinggalah naiknya kerajaan PR. Kami mengusahakan dengan serius dan bersungguh-sungguh sehingga terhasilnya cadangan kuil Seksyen 19 dipindahkan ke Seksyen 23.

Sepatutnya Noh Omar mencerminkan diri sebelum mengeluarkan pendapatnya. Takut-takut meludah ke langit, terjatuh ke muka sendiri. Siap dengan kahak lagi! Sekiranya tapak di Seksyen 23 mahu dikatakan tidak peka dan tidak sensitif, kedudukan di Seksyen 19 mahu dipanggil apa? Mendera? Menyeksa? ataupun derhaka?

Kalau ikut kehendak masyarakat Hindu yang juga merupakan rakyat negeri ini, mereka ingin kuil tersebut kekal sahaja di situ. “Inilah tapak asal kami, sepatutnya PKNS mengambil kira kehadiran kuil kami di sini semasa merancang pembangunan kawasan Shah Alam”, kata mereka. Tetapi apa boleh buat, nasi sudah pun menjadi bubur, mereka amat menyesal mengundi BN sejak dari dulu lagi. Akhirnya hasil perbincangan yang waras, mereka sanggup bertolak ansur. Sanggup berpindah, asalkan tidak terlalu jauh. Kuil ini dikunjungi penganut Hindu dari Seksyen 19, 20 dan 23.

Oleh itu, PKNS ditugaskan untuk mencari tempat yang sesuai. Tapak yang dicadangkan adalah seperti yang dinyatakan. Cadangan dikemukakan kepada MBSA dan seterusnya kepada Exco kerajaan Negeri. Semua menganggap ianya sesuai dan masalah di Seksyen 19 di mana suasana diperhangatkan oleh NGO Melayu/UMNO seperti Pewaris, perlu diselesaikan dengan segera.

Ini yang perlu kita perlu fahami. Tapak di Seksyen 23 bukan untuk kuil baru. Ianya adalah untuk memindahkan kuil yang sedia ada di Seksyen 19. Kedudukannya tidak terlalu hampir dengan kawasan perumahan, di mana terdapat Dewan orang ramai dan juga sebuah padang permainan di antara tapak kuil tersebut dengan kawasan perumahan. Ianya merupakan kawasan Industri. Kalau kilang boleh diletakkan di situ tanpa sebarang bantahan dari penduduk, mengapa tidak kuil? Sedangkan jarak kawasan Industri dari perumahan sudah mengambil kira terlebih dahulu semua aspek yang wajar dipertimbangkan.

Saya faham ada yang ingin mempolitikkan isu ini. Memang suku sakat Ketua Bahagian UMNO duduk di situ. Saya rasa Najib kena ‘mendidik’ ahli UMNO. Kikis semangat perkauman yang sempit yang diasaskan selama ini. Adakah beliau mampu lakukannya? Adakah beliau ingin lakukannya? Najib ke Batu Caves dengan begitu gah ceria, 1Malaysia katanya. Kita ingin lihat sejauh mana falsafah Najib difahami ahli partinya sendiri atau ianya semua hanya satu sandiwara untuk mengaburi mata rakyat?

Seorang penduduk Seksyen 23 memberitahu saya, “Jangan layan sangat YB, puak-puak ini, bukan sekadar kuil mereka bantah. Buat kuliyyah di Surau pun mereka bantah juga”.

WaLlahu ‘Alam

Najib Waving Mongolian Flags…ah, only in comics

Comic mag with Najib waving Mongolian flag seized
/ Salhan K Ahmad
Aug 25, 09

The Home Ministry today confiscated 408 copies of humour magazine Gedung Kartun which featured a caricature of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak waving a Mongolian flag and shouting Merdeka on the front cover of its inaugural issue.

The 10.45am raid was carried out by the ministry’s Publication Control and Al Quran Text division at the publisher Sepakat Efektif Sdn Bhd in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

According to ministry officials, the bi-weekly magazine, which specializes in political satire, was being published without a permit thus violating Section 5 (1) of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984.

Magazine editor Zulkiflee Anwar Haque, better known as Zunar, said a written approval has been granted by the Home Ministry for the publication.

Did not expect this treatment

“We went ahead with publishing the magazine without getting the black and white due to government bureaucracy – it takes three months to obtain the letter.

“We definitely didn’t expect this kind of treatment. We expected a warning letter for the content,” said the former editor of PKR party organ Suara Keadilan.

Marketed as an ‘alternative comic magazine’, the publication touched on many current affairs.

Among the issues featured were the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock, highway toll prices, teaching of science and mathematics in English, the Internal Security Act and the Port Klang Free Zone scandal.

Other than cartoons, the magazine includes various articles and political satires written by notable writers such as Hishamuddin Rais, Pyanhabib and Rahmat Haron.

Though normally associated with more serious publications, national laureate A Samad Said and political scientist Farish A Noor also contributed articles to the first issue.

A total of 10,000 copies were printed for the inaugural issue which cost RM4 in Peninsula Malaysia and RM5 in Sabah and Sarawak. Copies have already hit newsstands.

‘Get your license first’

Meanwhile, Publication Control and Al Quran Text division acting director Zainal Abidin Osman confirmed that the raid was conducted because Gedung Kartun did not possess a publishing permit.

He said the magazine was not allowed to be published even though it has obtained a publishing permit number (PP).

“It is not just a formality. If you don’t have a (written) permit, please don’t publish yet. Once it is official, then you can print.

“The written permit is like taking a driving test. Once you pass the exam, you still can’t drive until you obtain a license,” he said when contacted.

Politik Durjana dan Kempen Memfitnah dan Memburukkan Pakatan Rakyat oleh Umno-BN di Pilihan Raya Kecil Permatang Pasir

Politik Durjana dan Kempen Memfitnah dan Memburukkan Pakatan Rakyat oleh Umno-BN di Pilihan Raya Kecil Permatang Pasir

Permatang Pasir, 24 Ogos 2009;   Ketua Wanita Keadilan, Zuraida Kamaruddin, yang juga Ahli Parlimen Ampang, telah mendedahkan beberapa taktik durjana dalam kempen Pilihan Raya Kecil Umno-BN di Permatang Pasir dalam satu sidang media di Markaz Pemuda Pas Kg Pelet semalam.

Pengundi telah dikirimkan warkah-warkah yang berunsur fitnah melalui pos.

Bukti tersebut telah didapati dan diserahkan oleh para pengundi dari Kg Pelet kepada petugas pilihan raya Wanita KEADILAN.   “Bayangkan bahawa sekali hantar menggunakan setem 30sen yang berjumlah RM6000 untuk penghantaran kepada 20 ribu pengundi… jika dihantar sebanyak sepuluh kali akan mendapati keseluruhan jumlah wang, jika diambilkira perbelanjaan lain akan mudah saja melepasi perbelanjaan yang di benarkan oleh SPR dalam sesebuah pilihan raya kecil,” jelas Zuraida Kamaruddin.

(Gambar: dari kiri, Saudara Zalizan, Zuraida Kamaruddin, dan Rodziah Ismail)

Para pengundi juga telah dikirimkan wang palsu untuk meraih undi di Permatang Pasir.  “Cetakan wang palsu adalah suatu jenayah…ia satu taktik untuk menipu rakyat… satu tidakan yang amat tidak bertanggungjawab dan sama sekali bukan  mencerminkan 1Malaysia yang dilaungkan oleh Perdana Menteri, Najib Razak,” kata Zuraida Kamaruddin.

Serentak itu, enam puluh penduduk telah mengadu kepada wakil KEADILAN di Kg Pelet, Saudara Zalizan bahawa mereka (penduduk) sentiasa diganggu oleh SMS yang berunsur memfitnah Pakatan Rakyat, dan mengugut penduduk supaya tidak mengundi calon Pakatan Rakyat.

(Gambar: Rodziah Ismail menunjukkan wang palsu bernilai RM100)

Wanita KEADILAN dan penduduk terbabit akan membuat laporan polis terhadap kesemua aduan-aduan tersebut hari ini.

Poster-poster yang sangat aib, di mana pihak-pihak yang tidak bermoral dan bertanggungjawab telah memperlihatkan kepada khalayak poster-poster sebegini:

Zuraida Kamaruddin menyelar pihak-pihak yang berselindung disebalik simbol parti politik lain dan memfitnah PAS.   Penduduk telah menyatakan kemarahan mereka dan tidak termakan dengan tohmahan-tohmahan murahan sedemikian.

Turut hadir dalam sidang media itu ialah Timbalan Ketua Wanita, Rodziah Ismail yang juga Ketua Biro Pilihan Raya Wanita KEADILAN dan  EXCO Kerajaan Negeri Selangor serta pimpinan Wanita KEADILAN peringkat Pusat dan Negeri Pulau Pinang.

“Isu-isu yang ditimbulkan (dalam pilihan raya kecil Permatang Pasir ini) adalah berbentuk perkauman yang bertujuan melaga-laga antara Melayu dan Cina dan sebagainya…politik durjana…yang hanya berniat memecah-belahkan masyarakat … ia suatu tindakan terdesak Umno-BN yang langsung tidak menggambarkan 1Malaysia yang diperkatakan oleh Perdana Menteri, bahkan ia adalah suatu dongengan…” tegas Rodziah Ismail.

“Kes wang palsu membuktikan bahawa pihak yang mencetak wang tersebut masih memilih politik wang, boleh dihukum di bawah ISA…pihak berkuasa mesti segera disiasat dan dibawa ke pengadilan mereka yang tidak bertanggungjawab…tidak boleh ditutup hanya kerana laporan berpunca dari

Pakatan Rakyat. “ ujar beliau lagi.

Rodziah Ismail juga menegaskan bahawa amalan Umno-BN yang menggunakan jentera kerajaan dalam pilihan raya telah berlaku sejak dahulu lagi.   Laporan demi laporan telah dikemukakan tetapi tiada satupun tindakan wajar yang diambil oleh pihak-pihak yang berkuasa.

Petugas Wanita KEADILAN telah mendapati di Kg Ara, Puteri Umno Negeri Pulau Pinang dan Puteri Umno Bahagian Permatang Pauh telah menjadikan pusat atau dewan orang ramai sebagai bilik gerakan kumpulan Umno-BN (gambar bawah).

Rakyat, khususnya pengundi Permatang Pasir, merasakan fitnah yang dilemparkan terhadap Pakatan Rakyat  adalah keterlaluan dan boleh menatijahkan krisis kepercayaan terhadap Umno-BN dan calonnya dalam Pilihan Raya Kecil Permatang Pauh.

An Image of Gutter Politics “MACC seize documents from Selangor’s Rodziah”, Selective Investigation (updated)

By Neville Spykerman

SHAH ALAM, Aug 7- The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) today returned to the office of Selangor executive councillor Rodziah Ismail to take documents on state allocations for the Sementa constituency.

MACC officials entered her office at the State Secretariat at 3.30pm, after initially providing notice to obtain the documents from her special assistant, Mohd Saadon Muah, who oversees the distribution of funds at the Barisan Nasional (BN) held state seat.

Mohd Saadon said the MACC officers did not accept the documents because they were copies and he had to follow them to the Klang District Office so they could obtain originals.

“I was not arrested and allowed to leave but the MACC offices left District Office much later after speaking to staff there.” he said.

On Wednesday, MACC officers from Putrajaya turned up at Rodziah’s office to conduct investigations after allegations began surfacing about her on pro-Umno blogs several days earlier.

However, lawyers appointed by the state prevented them from entering the office because they did not serve any prior notice, before showing up at her office.

Rodziah expressed disappointment with MACC raid for starting investigations on her purely on rumours and poison-pen letters.

However, the Batu Tiga state lawmaker said the MACC was free to conduct their investigation.

Selangor political aide Teoh Beng Hock died in mysterious circumstances on July 16 after bein questioned as a witness in a similar complaint.

His death is the subject of an on-going inquest while the government has promised to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate the MACC, which took over from the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) on January 1.

Malaysian Insider


With due notification, MACC allowed to enter Rodziah’s office

Friday, 7 August 2009
Suara Keadilan Online

By SK English News

As expected, officers from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission returned to the office of Selangor executive councillor Rodziah Ismail after failing to gain entry two days ago because they had bungled by not issuing the proper notification required under the law.

The same team who tried to barge into her office at the Selangor state secretariat came again on Friday at 3.30pm. This time they were successful, having given prior notification to her special assistant Mohd Saadon Muah.

Mohd Saadon told reporters the MACC officers were looking for documents on state allocations for Sementa constituency, an Umno-held seat but under Rodziah’s purview.

Rodziah is the PKR assemblyman for Batu Tiga. She is also the executive councillor in charge of welfare, women affairs, science technology and innovation.

In the end, Mohd Saadon went with the MACC officers to the District Office because they wanted the originals and not copies of the relevant documents.

This is strange because if that was requirement, they could have gone directly to the District Office on their own without creating a scene at Rodziah’s office.

It buttresses speculation that the MACC was out to embarrass Rodziah. They have already initiated similar investigations against other Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen, again based mainly on anonymous and flimsy reports appearing on pro-Umno blogs.

“I was not arrested and allowed to leave but the MACC offices left District Office much later after speaking to staff there,” Mohd Saadon said.

Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim has said that the MACC was entitled to check whatever they wished to but they must do so according to the law.

“It is quite common for MACC coming to the SUK building to conduct investigation and it’s accepted by the state government. I will also allow MACC to have a room inside my office to conduct their investigations if the need arises,” Khalid had said a touch sardonically.

Teoh’s death not an isolated death

Custodial deaths: Amnesty alarmed
Jul 21, 09 10:06am

The Malaysian chapter of the world human rights organisation Amnesty International has expressed concerns over the death of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock while in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

Executive director Nora Murat said that Teoh’s death was not an isolated incident as many other deaths in custody have been reported recently.

“It raises a serious concern in terms of gap in human rights protection observed by the law enforcement authorities and accountability mechanism to address death in custody.

“Therefore, there is an urgent and critical need to address human rights obligation in terms of law enforcement work in Malaysia,” Nora said in a statement today.

She added that law enforcement agencies and initiatives must exercise a high degree of human rights responsibility, and prioritise and internalise procedures in ensuring a person’s personal security and rights at all times.

“They are duty bound to ensure that a suspect or witness is provided with protection of their personal security and rights including their right to legal access and medical attention during the entire period of custody and investigation.

“This fundamental right has somehow remained discretionary, ad hoc and secondary in the nature of law enforcement work in Malaysia,” she added.

She further said that the failure to prioritise and dutifully ensure human rights protection in law enforcement was the major contributing factor for deaths in custody in Malaysia.

Public confidence shattered

She also said that the continuing deaths in custody have undermined public confidence in the enforcement agencies.

“Amnesty International Malaysia also calls for a royal commission to investigate all other cases of death in custody including the recent death of Teoh Beng Hock and to address gaps in the current law enforcement system in view of providing critical reform and change in our system,” she said.

Teoh, 30, the political secretary to Selangor exco member Ean Yong Hian Wah, was found dead last Friday.

He had been picked up on Thursday about 5pm for questioning by the Selangor MACC in relation to a probe into the spending of constituency funds.

His body was found at about 1.30pm the next day on the fifth floor balcony at the building in which the MACC is housed in Shah Alam. He was buried yesterday.

Sidang Media KW KEADILAN: Pemerdagangan Manusia – Penguatkuasaan yang lemah

Kenyataan Media

Ketua Wanita KEADILAN (Ahli Parlimen Ampang)

29 Jun 2009

Penguatkuasaan Akta Pemerdagangan Orang 2007 lemah

Wanita KEADILAN telah menerima aduan para pekerja asing yang telah dikurung, ditempatkan dalam kediaman yang amat daif,  tidak dibayar gaji, bekerja tanpa rehat dan dinafikan passport mereka oleh majikan yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

Wanita KEADILAN memandang serius penderaan majikan yang sedemikian, khususnya terhadap pekerja wanita dan gadis yang juga terdedah kepada eksploitasi seksual.  Ia menjadikan para pekerja yang terbabit menjadi terikat dalam hutang berpanjangan kepada majikan atau mereka yang telah membawa masuk pekerja yang terbabit.    Ia boleh diklasifikasikan sebagai salah satu bentuk pemerdagangan orang, dan dikira sebagai kesalahan jenayah di bawah Akta Pemerdagangan Orang 2007.

Pemerdagangan Orang ini menjadi berleluasa oleh penguatkuasaan yang lemah kerajaan Malaysia.   Penguatkuasaan diterajui oleh Kementerian Dalam Negeri, Jabatan Imigresen, dan Kementerian Sumber Manusia.   Ada laporan yang mengsyakki wujudnya rasuah dalam pengurusan kemasukan dan pengendalian para pekerja asing ke Malaysia oleh pegawai-pegwai kerajaan di Malaysia.   Laporan Pemerdagangan Orang 2009 yang dikeluarkan oleh Jabatan Negara Amerika telah meletakkan Malaysia dalam senaraihitam, Tier 3, yang membawa implikasi berlakunya perleluasan pemerdgangan orang di Malaysia dan penguatkuasaan yang sangat lemah terhadap aktiviti tersebut.

Wanita KEADILAN menggesa agar kerajaan Malaysia menambah usaha untuk benar-benar membantras gejala pemerdagangan orang ini; membawa mereka yang bersalah ke muka pengadilan selepas penyiasatan, mendakwa pegwai-pegawai kerajaan yang telah mendapat keuntungan menerusi pemerdagangan orang, meningkatkan kefahaman dan profesionalisme  jentera kerajaan dalam penguatkuasaan Akta Pemerdagangan Orang 2007, meningkat dan memperkemas perlindungan terhadap mangsa pemerdagangan orang, dan memperluaskan pengetahuan mengenai jenayah pemerdagangan orang kepada golongan majikan dan kakitangan kerajaan serta orang ramai.

Wanita KEADILAN juga menggesa supaya Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat mengambil peranan aktif dalam memastikan bahawa aduan-aduan rasmi yang diterima oleh pihak berkuasa diambil tindakan dan penyelesaian segera.   Di antara yang teraniya tergolong dari wanita dan gadis yang telah didera secara emosi, fizikal, mental dan dijadikan hamba seks.

Persoalan yang besar ialah kenapa kerajaan Malaysia, dengan segala sumber dan jentera yang banyak masih gagal mengurangkan atau membendung gejala pemerdagangan orang yang kian berleluasa walaupun sudah ada Akta Pemerdagangan Orang 2007?

Zuraida Kamaruddin

Ketua Wanita KEADILAN

Ahli Parlimen Ampang


Malaysia destinasi, transit pemerdagangan orang (human trafficking)

Oleh Rozaini Mohd Rosli

Pada 1 September 2006, Kongres Nasional Wanita KEADILAN telah meluluskan usul anti perdagangan wanita.   Usul itu menuntut dengan tegas supaya kerajaan:

  1. Mewujudkan dengan segera satu Akta Anti-Perdagangan Manusia
  2. Menunjukkan  kehendak  politik (political will) serta komitmen  di dalam usaha membasmi rasuah dan korupsi yang dikhuatiri telah membantu  memakmurkan perdagangan wanita dengan cara memastikan bahawa BPR dipertanggungjawabkan terus kepada Parlimen.
  3. Menubuhkan satu Pasukan Petugas Khas (Special Task Force)  bagi tujuan mengkaji dasar dan program yang akan menggerakkan usaha  preventif, pemulihan  dan seterusnya membenteras sehabis-habisnya aktiviti perdagangan  wanita ini.

Sejurus selepas itu, kerajaan Malaysia telah membentangkan Rang Undang-Undang Anti-Pemerdagangan Orang 2007.   Parlimen telah meluluskannya sebagai Akta dan penguatkuasaan sepenuhnya pada akhir Februari 2008.   Dengan itu, Malaysia telah keluar dari senarai hitam Tier 3.

Kerajaan Malaysia pernah dituduh menjadi destinasi dan lokasi transit bagi penjenayah pemerdagangan orang dan telah disenaraihitamkan dalam Tier 3 oleh Amerika Syarikat pada tahun 2001 dan 2007.   Ia memberi implikasi bahwa Malaysia akan mengalami sekatan-sekatan dan bantuan, khususnya dalam bidang ekonomi dan peruntukan kewangan dari masyarakat antarabangsa untuk tujuan bukan perniagaan.

Laporan tahunan Amerika Syarikat, yang dihebahkan pada 17 Jun 2009 lalu, telah menyenaraikan semula Malaysia dalam Tier 3.   Negara-negara lain yang disenarihitamkan ialah: Burma, Chad, Cuba, Eritrea, Fiji, Iran, Kuwait, [Malaysia], Mauritania, Niger, North Korea, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Swaziland, Syria, dan Zimbabwe.

Kegagalan membendung kegiatan pemerdagangan orang ini telah membawa persepsi bahawa kementerian-kementerian yang terlibat tidak melaksanakan tugasan dengan sempurna atau ada pegawai-pegawai kementerian berkenaan yang terlibat dalam jenayah pemerdagangan orang ini.   Perkara yang menyuburkan perlanggaran hak asasi manusia dan jenayah yang meranapkan kehidupan dan masa depan mangsa perlu diatasi segera oleh Menteri Dalam Negeri, Menteri Sumber Manusia dan Ketua Polis Negara kerana dalam banyak kes, segala laporan dan bukti yang diperlukan telah dibawa ke pengetahuan pihak berkuasa.   Tiada apa-apa tindakan wajar yang diambil.   Kerajaan Malaysia dilihat tidak memberi komitmen yang dikehensaki untuk melaksanakan Akta Pemerdagangan Orang 2007.

Mangsa-mangsa didapati oleh penjenayah menerusi penculikan, memperdaya mangsa dengan janji-janji pekerjaan dengan gaji lumayan dan peluang perkahwinan di luar negara, mengiklankan peluang-peluang dalam akhbar, menemui mangsa dan keluarganya secara langsung dan menjanjikan pekerjaan yang baik.   Penjenayah juga mendapati mangsa wanita dari kem tahanan pelarian dan menawarkan peluang tempat tinggal yang lebih baik dan juga pekerjaan.   Selepas mendapatkan dokumen-dokumen palsu serta membayar segala kos-kos perjalanan, mangsa diikat dengan kos tersebut yang kini dikira sebagai pinjaman dengan bayaran bunga yang sangat tinggi agar mangsa selamanya berada di bawah telunjuk penjenayah pemerdagangan orang; dalam erti kata lain menjadi mangsa sebagai hamba abdi di zaman pasca moden ini.   Mangsa wanita sebahagiannya telah dipaksa bekerja di sarang pelacuran dan ada yang menjadi pelayan peribadi bapak-bapak ayam sehingga ada yang hamil.   Biasanya mangsa-mangsa tidak dibenarkan berkomunikasi dengan orang luar, walaupun menerusi telefon.   Segala dokumen mangsa-mangsa dari luar negara ini akan disimpan oleh penjenyah.  Dengan itu, mangsa tidak berani keluar atau melaporkan apa-apa kerana ditakuti akan ditangkap dan dipenjarakan kerana berada di Malaysia tanpa sebarang dokumen.   Selain itu, mangsa juga didera secara fizikal dan dikurung oleh penjenayah.

Penggubalan Akta di Parlimen tidak membawa sebarang makna kepada rakyat Malaysia yang terkesan dengan aktiviti jenayah pemerdagangan orang kecuali Akta tersebut sepenuhnya disokong, dilaksana dan dikuatkuasa oleh kesemua Menteri-Menteri yang terlibat.   Kementerian-kementerian yang diamanahkan dituntut untuk bekerjasama secara integrated dan berkesan dan tidak berterusan memberi alasan-alasan untuk menutup kekurangan dalam mencari penyelesaian membantras jenayah pemerdagangan orang ini.   Gejala rasuah yang timbul di kalangan pegawai-pegawai kerajaan yang terlibat dalam jenayah ini mestilah dibawa segera ke muka pengadilan dan dihukum dengan hukuman yang seberat-beratnya.   Kempen-kempen umum yang komprehensif dan merakyatkan pengetahuan tentang Akta Pemerdagangan Orang dan kejelekan aktiviti jenayah berkaitan perlulah dilaksanakan dan diperluaskan kepada rakyat Malaysia.

Kerajaan Malaysia Umno-BN perlu meyakinkan rakyat dan masyarakat global bahawa ia benar-benar serius dalam menangani permasalahan jenayah pemerdagangan orang.   Setakat ini, Akta Pemerdagangan Orang 2007 dilihat belum berfungsi sepenuhnya seperti yang dikehendaki.

Anwar Ibrahim keynote address to Muslims world business community


Office of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim
A-3A-09, Merchant Square
No. 1 Jalan Tropicana Selatan 1
47410 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia

• t :  +603 7885 0044
• f :  +603 7885 0524
• e :

June 27, 2009, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


The unprecedented actions taken by the Malaysian courts to expedite the beginning of Anwar Ibrahim’s trial have forced him to abandon his plans to travel to Washington DC this month.  He will deliver his already scheduled keynote address at the “Business Opportunities in the Muslim World” conference in Washington DC on June 26th at 12:00 PM EST via live video teleconference from Kuala Lumpur.

The non-cooperation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which has impeded the preparation of the best defense that Mr. Ibrahim is lawfully entitled to, and the insistence of the Malaysian courts to begin his trial in early July despite the repeated requests by his lawyers for access to basic discovery items, requires Mr. Ibrahim be present in the Kuala Lumpur High Court to attend to his various applications including to quash the charges leveled against him. This reprehensible conduct by the Prosecutors has been affirmed by Anwar’s lawyer S N Nair in his statement issued by his office on 10th June 2009 which amongst others, has affirmed that Anwar will not get a fair trial in the Malaysian courts.

The actions of the Courts to expedite the hearing of Mr. Ibrahim’s various preliminary motions, including the pending appeal to the Court of Appeal, appear unprecedented.  These applications, including a request for documents in possession of the Public prosecutor that are favorable to Mr. Ibrahim as well as an application to quash the charges altogether, under normal circumstances will take some time for the Courts to consider.

We reiterate that the Court’s insistence on preferring a charge of sodomy that contravenes medical records indicates malicious intent, that the charges are politically motivated and that this trial would be a travesty of justice akin to what Anwar Ibrahim faced in 1998-1999.


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Memerangkap Anwar dengan AKTA DNA

Menyalahguna kuasa dalam Dewan Rakyat, sejenis Politik Durjana.


DNA bill passed, Anwar cries foul
S Pathmawathy and Tarani Palani | Jun 23, 09 7:43pm
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The Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Identification Bill was passed at the lower House and will be sent to senate for approval.

The controversial legislation was passed today after two days of intense debate, mostly by opposition parliamentarians who did their best to delay bill’s passage as they claim it would be a disaster for legal and human rights.

The bill specifically gives the police and authorities the power to obtain DNA samples from any suspects who have direct links to a crime.

The committee level debate saw amendments being made to nine sections of the bill, which includes the appointment of the head of the DNA Databank, the deputy head and other officers.

Deputy Home Minister Abu Seman Yusop told the House that the post of the head of Databank will no longer be helmed by a police official but by a public officer, who is sufficiently qualified and has the requisite experience in DNA science.

Prior to the amendments, the home minister had to appoint a police officer not below the rank of a Deputy Commissioner to head the databank.

Before the amendments were made, a police officer was allowed to use all means necessary for the purpose of taking or assisting the taking of a non-intimate DNA samples from a person.

Now, the amendments give the person the prerogative to refuse giving a non-intimate sample to the magistrate.

In the committee stage of the rounding up speech, Abu Seman also proposed to remove two sections of the bill.

They are Section 14, which holds a person liable to a fine not exceeding RM10,000 or a prison term not exceeding one year or both and Section 24, which states any information from the DNA Databank would be construed as conclusive proof in any court proceedings.

Anwar: This is a malicious campaign

Although the bill passed does not affect obtaining intimate samples such as blood and semen, the Magistrate’s Court can issues an order to obtain non-intimate samples like saliva.

The bill, which is divided into six parts and contains 27 Sections, was tabled in August last year for a second reading.

The objective of the legislation is to enable the establishment of a Malaysian Forensics DNA Data Bank which is expected to store and analyse samples.

anwar ibrahim and dna testingSpeaking to reporters at the Parliament lobby, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim expressed disappointment with the passing of the bill.

“Pakatan Rakyat is convinced that the way they are rushing through and refusing to acknowledge some very (important) criticisms is clearly meant to be used during the my trial,” said Anwar.

The Permatang Pauh MP suspects the bill is an attempt to trap him in his ongoing sodomy case which is set for trial in July.

“As far as I am concerned it is not an issue… we have to fight them with or without the bill. It is a malicious campaign, nothing more,” he added.

Subang PKR MP R Sivarasa added that to be fair to the government, some proposals made by the opposition was taken into account.

Sivarasa also said that the bill will definitely have an impact on the Anwar sodomy trial as the prosecution would be able to use samples that have been collected way back, when Anwar was held under the Internal Security Act in 1998.

“They can use it to legitimise the illegitimate samples,” said Sivarasa.