Najib Waving Mongolian Flags…ah, only in comics

Comic mag with Najib waving Mongolian flag seized
/ Salhan K Ahmad
Aug 25, 09

The Home Ministry today confiscated 408 copies of humour magazine Gedung Kartun which featured a caricature of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak waving a Mongolian flag and shouting Merdeka on the front cover of its inaugural issue.

The 10.45am raid was carried out by the ministry’s Publication Control and Al Quran Text division at the publisher Sepakat Efektif Sdn Bhd in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

According to ministry officials, the bi-weekly magazine, which specializes in political satire, was being published without a permit thus violating Section 5 (1) of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984.

Magazine editor Zulkiflee Anwar Haque, better known as Zunar, said a written approval has been granted by the Home Ministry for the publication.

Did not expect this treatment

“We went ahead with publishing the magazine without getting the black and white due to government bureaucracy – it takes three months to obtain the letter.

“We definitely didn’t expect this kind of treatment. We expected a warning letter for the content,” said the former editor of PKR party organ Suara Keadilan.

Marketed as an ‘alternative comic magazine’, the publication touched on many current affairs.

Among the issues featured were the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock, highway toll prices, teaching of science and mathematics in English, the Internal Security Act and the Port Klang Free Zone scandal.

Other than cartoons, the magazine includes various articles and political satires written by notable writers such as Hishamuddin Rais, Pyanhabib and Rahmat Haron.

Though normally associated with more serious publications, national laureate A Samad Said and political scientist Farish A Noor also contributed articles to the first issue.

A total of 10,000 copies were printed for the inaugural issue which cost RM4 in Peninsula Malaysia and RM5 in Sabah and Sarawak. Copies have already hit newsstands.

‘Get your license first’

Meanwhile, Publication Control and Al Quran Text division acting director Zainal Abidin Osman confirmed that the raid was conducted because Gedung Kartun did not possess a publishing permit.

He said the magazine was not allowed to be published even though it has obtained a publishing permit number (PP).

“It is not just a formality. If you don’t have a (written) permit, please don’t publish yet. Once it is official, then you can print.

“The written permit is like taking a driving test. Once you pass the exam, you still can’t drive until you obtain a license,” he said when contacted.

Altantuya : It hasn’t ended…


Altantuya murder: Case against Abdul Razak delayed
Hafiz Yatim | Jun 16, 09 11:21am
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The family of murdered Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu will have to wait for their day in court, to compel the attorney-general (AG) to appeal against Abdul Razak Baginda’s acquittal.

abdul razak baginda altantuya murder 141108The hearing of their judicial application will only continue after further written submissions are made.

The matter came up in the Shah Alam High Court today before Judicial Commissioner Noraini Abdul Rahman, but another mention date was set on July 8.

karpal singhThis is to allow lawyer Karpal Singh (right), acting for Altantuya’s family, to submit his submission in reply.

The case will be mentioned before a deputy registrar on that day. Counsel Sangeet Kaur mentioned the case on behalf of Karpal this morning.

Senior federal counsel Kamaluddin Mohd Said represented the AG’s Chambers, while KK Wong appeared for Abdul Razak.

Mongolian honorary consul to Malaysia, Syed Abdul Rahman Al Habshi, was also present to monitor the progress of the case.

parliament 2008 first day 280408 setevThe case was filed on Dec 24 last year by Karpal on behalf of Altantuya’s father Dr Setev Shaariibuu (left).

In the application, they asked the court to quash the AG’s decision not to appeal Abdul Razak’s acquittal on an abetment charge in the murder.

They also want the court to direct the AG to use his discretionary powers under Article 145 (3) of the federal constitution to apply for leave to file an appeal.

Abdul Razak was acquitted and discharged on Oct 31 last year without his defence being called.

Shah Alam High Court judge Mohd Zaki Md Yasin had ruled that the prosecution had not proven a prima facie case, as a sworn affidavit by Abdul Razak was not rebutted.

AG’s discretionary power

Lead prosecutor Tun Abdul Majid Tun Hamzah announced two weeks later that the prosecution would not appeal, as the court had made a finding of fact in its decision.

lingam tape panel meeting 031007 abdul gani patailAG Abdul Gani Patail (right) has since filed an affidavit, stating that the matter is non-justiciable based on Article 145 (3) of the constitution, which states that no one can question the chamber’s decision to prosecute or not file an appeal.

The article reads that the AG shall have power, exercisable at his discretion, to institute, conduct or discontinue any proceedings for an offence, other than proceedings before a Syariah court, a native court or a court-martial.

Abdul Gani had also submitted that Shaariibuu does not have locus standii (legal standing) in the case as the AG has represented the public interest.

Two special action squad members – Azilah Hadri, 33, and Sirul Azhar Umar, 37, – have been found guilty of the murder and sentenced to death. They have filed separate appeals.

Kamaluddin also stated that Shaariibuu’s RM100 million civil suit against the two policemen, Abdul Razak and the government is fixed for mention next month.

The AG’s chambers have requested Shaariibuu to deposit RM1 million in security to cover possible costs in the suit.

Remembering Altantuya…

Any day will be a good day to catch the real killer(s)…


3 arrested for sending birthday cake to PM’s office
May 6, 09 12:32pm
Three activists were arrested this morning for attempting to deliver a cake commemorating the 31st birthday of Altantuya Shaariibuu to the Prime Minister’s Office in Putrajaya.


altantuya and prime minister office jpmThe activists, all of whom are from the Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia, were detained at 11.15am by the police near the security booth in front of the building.

About 30 police officers and 10 light strike force personnel were deployed to stop the activists from entering the building.

Those arrested were Sani Md Shah – who was holding a butter cake topped with white icing – and Saufi Mihat and Yasir Sheikh Abdul Rahman, who were carrying a ‘Happy Birthday Altantuya’ banner.

The group had intended to deliver a letter to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak written by Altantuya’s father, Setev.

Cake squashed by the police

The square cake, weighing about 2kg, was squashed by the police when it was being confiscated. According to the police, the cake was seized for ‘security reasons’.

The cake was taken in a police car along with the three detainees to the police headquarters in Putrajaya.

Altantuya was shot twice in the head and her body blown up with military-grade explosives in a jungle clearing three years ago. She was 28 when she died.

Her former lover, Abdul Razak Baginda, who is a close associate of Najib, had been accused of ordering two police officers to kill her after she came to his family home to harass him for money.

Razak Baginda was initially charged with abetting the two men, but was acquitted last October.

The two officers, however, have been found guilty and sentenced to death. They are appealing the ruling.

[More to follow]

Might there be conversations recorded,too?

RPK reveals his ‘source’ on Altantuya allegations
May 5, 09 6:34pm
Popular blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin,
in a posting today, revealed what he claimed
was his source for his sensational allegation
that Malaysia’s first lady Rosmah Mansor was
at the scene when a Mongolian woman
was murdered.


According to Raja Petra, the information
came from Lt Kol Azmi Zainal Abidin, who is
the “number two in the Special Branch of the Military Intelligence”.

In a posting which appeared in
Raja Petra’s Malaysia Today website, the controversial blogger said he was put in touch
with Lt Kol Azmi by one of his long-standing
friends – Nik Azmi Nik Daud, who is an aide
to Umno veteran leader Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

kuala terengganu by election dap dinner 110109 raja petraRaja
Petra’s revelations were made in his trademark
colourful style in the form of a dialogue between
him and his police interrogators when he was
detained under the Internal Security Act
last August.

When asked by his interrogators whether
he could trust his source since he did not know
him, Raja Petra reportedly answered: “I don’t
know him well enough to trust him all the way.
But the person who introduced us is a very old friend.

“I’ve known him for about 45 years,
longer than I’ve known my wife. And I trust
my friend. My friend gave me his personal
assurance that the story is legit.”

According to Raja Petra, he had also
sought help from a few other people to
vouch for Lt Kol Azmi’s credibility,
among them PKR de facto leader
Anwar Ibrahim through his aide, Din Merican.

“I also asked John Pang, who also works
for Ku Li (Tengku Razaleigh), to check with
Ku Li whether Lt Kol Azmi’s information is reliable.
I told John what Lt Kol Azmi told us and asked
him to inform Ku Li about it. John confirmed
that Lt Kol Azmi told Ku Li the same thing and that the information is reliable.”

Pang, who is an aide to Razaleigh, said he did receive a phone call from Raja Petra regarding the matter.

“Yes, Raja Petra did ask me about it and
I confirmed that Ku Li was aware of the story,”
said Pang when contacted today.

He added that his boss did not dispute
Raja Petra’s account pertaining to his contact
with Lt Kol Azmi.

Razaleigh has declined to comment
apart from saying, “Read the (Raja Petra’s) blog.”

According to Pang, Nik Azmi is not an
official member of Razaleigh’s staff.

in signing statutory declaration

Raja Petra also revealed that he had
misgivings in signing a statutory declaration
based on the information which he received
from Lt Kol Azmi.

“I told Bull (Nik Azmi) I was a bit worried
about signing a statutory declaration because
the government will surely arrest and charge
me if I do. I felt an article would be safer.

“But Bull disagreed. He felt an article
was not strong enough. Bull said if anything
happens to me they would go to court to testify
that what I had signed is the truth.
Bull assured me they would not allow me to rot in jail.
So, on June 18 (2008), I signed the
statutory declaration.”

raja petra court cases defamation sedition 230409Raja Petra, 59,
has been charged for criminal defamation in a
statutory declaration which he signed
implicating Rosmah, who is wife of Prime Minister
Najib Abdul Razak, and two others in the grisly murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu in 2006.

He has also charged with sedition
for his posting ‘Let’s send Altantuya murderers
to hell’, but he failed to turn up in court last month.

Sessions judge Rozina Ayob had subsequently issued an arrest warrant for Raja Petra.
Now a fugitive, Raja Petra’s whereabouts is unknown.

Raja Petra also claimed that former minister
Jamaluddin Jarjis, who is from Najib’s home
state of Pahang, had contacted him to
“make a deal”.

“We drove to a roadside stall in
Jalan Ipoh (in Kuala Lumpur) and sat there
and talked. JJ (Jamaluddin Jarjis) told me that
Najib had asked him to meet me to make a deal.
I asked him whether Najib really knows we are
meeting and whether he had endorsed or
sanctioned the meeting and JJ replied that
our meeting was on Najib’s instructions,”
Raja Petra allegedly told his interrogators.

“We spent about an hour talking.
The bottom line is he wanted me to stop
writing about Najib and Altantuya. He also
asked me whether I could delay my sedition
trial until Najib becomes the prime minister.
Once Najib is installed as prime minister,
they will drop the charges against me.
I will also receive a monthly allowance
of RM30,000 for my cooperation.
He didn’t say for how long though.”

Raja Petra said that he did not make
the deal and soon after he signed the
statutory declaration.

Meanwhile, veteran opposition leader
Lim Kit Siang said that Raja Petra’s
latest revelation has again show
the urgent need for a royal commission to
probe the scandal.

“I had repeatedly made in Parliament
for a royal commission of inquiry to deal
with all the allegations haunting and hounding Najib,
especially as he had said that he was innocent
and had not done anything wrong,” he said.

Raja Petra’s statutory declaration

The Altantuya Killing must be eradicated at all costs

Sedition trial: Arrest warrant for RPK
Apr 23, 09 9:57am
An arrest warrant has been issued against Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin this morning for failing to appear in the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court for the continuation of his sedition trial.
Raja Petra, 59, is facing trial for posting an allegedly seditious article entitled ‘Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell’ on his website.

The charge under Section 4(1)(c) of the Sedition Act carries a maximum fine of RM5,000 or three years’ jail, or both, upon conviction.

The popular blogger and his wife, Marina Lee Abdullah – who stood as his bailor – was no where to be seen when the court resumed today at 9.25am.

When Sessions judge Rozina Ayob asked for the accused, defence lawyer J Chandra informed the court that about a posting in Raja Petra’s Malaysia Today website in which the controversial blogger wrote that he would not be in court.

According to the posting, Raja Petra was on a “self-imposed exile” from Selangor and hence he could not be in Petaling Jaya where the court is located.

Raja Petra explained his ‘exile’ was the result of the hurt he had caused to the Selangor palace which he is a member, and going by royal convention, he had decided on being exiled from the state.

On hearing this, Rozina asked whether there was a written order from the royalty for Raja Petra’s exile and Chandra replied he did not know.

“This is a punishment he meted out for himself,” said Chandra.

Being a bankrupt, he cannot leave Malaysia

DPP Shahidani Abd Aziz subsequently applied for a warrant of arrest against Raja Petra as well as a show-cause notice for bailor Marina, who was also not present in court today.

Chandra also informed the court he did not know the reason for Marina’s absence.

Rozina eventually agreed to issue the arrest warrant. The judge then fixed May 22 for the hearing of the arrest warrant and the show cause notice.

While Raja Petra and his disappearance had been a mystery, there are speculations that he could have gone overseas. Some of his supporters who were in court today said they had no idea where the blogger is.

DPP Ishak Mohd Yusof, who is assisting Shahidani, said with the arrest warrant against the blogger, the police would be required to locate Raja Petra.

Asked about the possibility that Raja Petra could be overseas, he said it would be imppossible as the blogger is already declared a bankrupt and was not supposed to leave the country.

According to co-counsel Gobind Singh Deo, the last time he had contact with the popular blogger was two months ago, during the prosecution’s appeal against his release from Internal Security Act in the Federal Court.

The court was also told that there would be 10 more prosecution witness in the sedition trial.

Mounting legal problems for RPK

Before the trial was adjourned in February, Gobind had raised the issue of an apparent photograph of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak seated at the same table with murdered Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu during her birthday party in Mandarin Hotel, Singapore.

Raja Petra is facing another charge for criminal defamation in Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court for allegingly implicating Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, and two army officers in the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu.

The popular blogger’s problem does not end there.

He has been ordered to pay RM1 million by the Kuala Lumpur High Court to Umno treasurer Abdul Azim Mohd Zabidi following a judgment in default entered against him on April 3.

Last year, the Alor Star High Court had also ordered Raja Petra to pay damages over libel claims by a university head.

University Utara Malaysia and its vice-chancellor Nordin Kardi filed a lawsuit against Raja Petra over an item that alleged Nordin had plagiarised an article.

The High Court made the decision after Raja Petra, who published the story in his website, failed to file a defence.

It ordered Raja Petra to pay RM4 million to Nordin and the university.

Raja Petra has argued that the offending item was a letter written to him by a former student representative and that he would not pay the compensation.

Berulang kali persoalan: Apa motif mereka yang disabit telah membunuh Altantuya?

Razak Baginda is taboo, TV stations told
Apr 18, 09 7:34am
Four private television stations have been ordered not
to name political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda when
reporting the Altantuya Shaarriibuu murder case.


Malaysiakini has learnt that the
top management of Media Prima Berhad –
the owner of the four TV stations –
had issued a directive on the matter.

The media giant, which is believed to be
linked to ruling party Umno, controls
the country’s four free-to-air private TV stations –
TV3, ntv7, 8TV and tv9.

The directive was part of an email sent on behalf
of the group director of news and current affairs,
elevision networks, Kamarulzaman Zainal.

Kamarulzaman was press secretary to
Abdullah Ahamd Badawi when the former
premier was deputy PM. He was appointed
to helm Media Prima soon after Abdullah
took power in 2003.

abdul razak baginda pc 201108 07

The email listed four ‘don’ts’ involving
news reports relating to the high-profile murder
case of Mongolia national Altantuya, who was
mistress of Razak Baginda (left).

The TV stations were ordered not to mention
Razak Baginda’s name and ignore all news
background related to him.

Editors were instead told to focus their
reports on the two accused in the murder trial,
who were sentenced to death last week.

Razak Baginda, a close confidant of newly-minted
Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, was charged
with abetting the murder but was later freed.

The controversial court decision had sparked
off a fresh round of speculations that the
powers-that-be had a hand in the acquittal.

Don’t show footage of Razak Baginda

Not only that the political analyst’s name
should not be mentioned, visuals showing him
in previous trials and after his release are also
banned, according to the email.

The other two restrictions were related
to the new premier.

najib rosmah and altantuya murder case

The TV stations were barred from reporting that Najib
nd his wife, Rosmah Mansor, were linked
to the case.

Also, statements from those accusing Najib
and Rosmah of being involved in the case
were also prohibited.

It is not clear whether Media Prima has been
instructed by government officials to ‘cleanse’
the three key personalities from the Altantuya case.

The email, which has been widely circulated
in the company, was sent last week to editors
of all different language sections within
the Media Prima group.

An assistant from Kamarulzaman’s office told Malaysiakini that his boss was currently overseas and
would not be available to comment on the directive.
There is also no response to an email sent
to Kamarulzaman.

The Media Prima ban came hot in the heels
of a blackout by state-owned RTM on reporting
the on-going political crisis in Terengganu.

Malaysiakini has reported on
Wednesday that RTM blacked out news on the apparent boycott of the Terengganu state
assembly sitting by 10 state representatives
earlier this week. This was however denied by the government.

Hefty ‘commission’
for Razak Baginda’s company

Last week, two police special action force personnel –
chief inspector Azilah Hadri and corporal Sirul Azhar Umar
– were sentenced to death by the Shah Alam High Court
for murdering Altantuya.

The two, who were part of a security detail to
protect VIPs including Najib, have since appealed
to the higher court.

Since the case hit the headlines, Najib has been
forced to repeatedly deny having any links with
Altantuya and the murder case.

military malaysia navy french built<br /> submarine scorpene classWhen Najib was defence minister, a company
controlled by Razak Baginda was awarded a
‘commission’ of RM534.8 million for the purchase
of two Scorpene submarines from France.

The government has denied that the contract given
Perimekar was a hefty commission but for the compnay
“to prepare support and coordination services” for a
period of six years.

The opposition has been exploiting both issues to
attack Najib’s integrity, especially during the three
key by-elections earlier this month.

This had prompted the police to issue a gag order
on all political ceramah from raising the controversial
murder case.

The Altantuya Murder: Snippets From The Times of UK

April 17, 2009 | Last update on 11/04/2009 16:43 From TV Antara

10 November 2006

An inquiry into the disappearance of a Mongolian model, who was apparently shot before her body was blown apart with explosives, was ordered by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Malaysian Prime Minister, yesterday.

His intervention came after police held a prominent political analyst in connection with the case that has caused a sensation in the country. Abdul Razak Baginda, 46, a member of the World Economic Forum, is the fourth person to be remanded in custody in connection with the death of the 28-year-old Altantuya Shaariibuu, whose body was found on Monday. He is a member of the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies, a television political pundit in Malaysia, and is studying for a doctorate at Oxford.

The others held after Miss Shaariibuu’s body was found on wasteland near Shah Alam are a police chief inspector and two police lance corporals, one male and one female. Mr Badawi said he had told the inspector-general of police to “investigate the case thoroughly and properly through due process”.

It has been reported that Mr Baginda met Miss Shaariibuu in Mongolia two years ago and the two had a relationship. The girl’s father in Mongolia said he believed they were married and that Mr Baginda was the father of her baby son.

His arrest sent Malaysian society reeling. Unnamed politicians and intellectuals described him as a “good” and “affable” man to the Malaysian Star newspaper. One said that Mr Baginda had showered Miss Shaariibuu with diamonds and other jewellery and had deposited $30,000 in her bank account. They had been on holiday together to Europe and South Africa.

“The father of murdered model Altantuya Shaariibuu will come with the marriage certificate to prove that they were married. He will also bring his grandson to undergo DNA tests to prove he is Abdul Razak’s son,” Mongolia’s honorary consul, Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi, said.

18 June 2007

An adviser to Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister ordered two police officers from an elite bodyguard unit to murder his beautiful Mongolian lover, a politically-charged murder trial heard today.

The remains of Altantuya Shaariibuu, a 28-year-old translator, part-time model, and unmarried mother of two from Mongolia, were found blown up by explosives in a jungle clearing near Kuala Lumpur late last year.

Abdul Razak Baginda, 47-year-old father of a teenage daughter, planned the murder, prosecutors said in what promises to be the most closely-followed trial in Malaysia for years. Mr Abdul Razak and the two police officers face the gallows if found guilty.

Mr Abdul Razak is alleged to have turned to the police officers – from a unit charged with protecting Malaysia’s leaders – after Miss Shaariibuu began blackmailing him when their relationship turned sour.

He was well known in Kuala Lumpur as a high-flier close to the ruling party and a friend of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, who has been forced to deny any knowledge of the case.

The trial, which has already been postponed in controversial circumstances, is being widely seen as a test case for a judicial system, which has often been criticised in the past as vulnerable to political interference.

Tun Majid Tun Hamzah, for the prosecution, told the High Court in Shah Alam that Mr Abdul Razak abetted the police officers “in planning and giving instructions so that the deceased is killed.” He denies the charge.

He said that the officers, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, 30, and Constable Sirul Azhar Umar, 35, carried out the killing and that Sirul had confessed. The two officers are charged with her murder.

After their arrest, Mr Azilah had led police to the clearing where Miss Shaariibuu’s remains were found.

Miss Shaariibuu had threatened Mr Abdul Razak’s child unless Mr Abdul Razak paid her, the prosecutor said.

Mr Tun Majid said that a pathologist’s report would show that the cause of death was ‘probable blast-related injuries’. A pair of slippers found in Mr Sirul’s house were stained with what DNA tests proved was Miss Shaariibuu’s blood, he said.

The trial had been scheduled to start earlier this month but was postponed after the attorney general replaced the prosecutor after he was seen playing badminton with the judge.

Before the trial started it had become a political football, with former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim calling for fairness and lamenting what he described as the failure of police to question Deputy Prime Minister Najib.

No evidence has emerged to link Mr Najib with the case and the Deputy Prime Minister issued a statement insisting that he had had no involvement with the dead woman.

Malaysia’s judiciary has often been the subject of criticism. Nearly ten years ago Mr Anwar was himself dismissed by then premier Mahatir Mohammad and convicted of corruption and sodomy, a decision which was widely criticised abroad.

Mr Anwar has said that the judiciary and police are on trial in today’s case, and Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has pledged there will be no cover-up.

22 March 2009

A FRENCH arms company is at the centre of a deepening scandal involving the sale of three submarines, the murder of a beautiful Mongolian interpreter and the man most likely to become prime minister of Malaysia next month.

All three have been linked in a sensational sequence of revelations that has convinced many Malaysians that the woman was killed to silence her demands of a share in the rewards of the transaction.

The scandal exploded last week after the French newspaper Libération alleged that the submarines deal and the murder of Altantuya Shariibuu, 28, were connected.

A glamorous, cosmopolitan woman, Altantuya grew up in St Petersburg, spoke Russian, Chinese, Korean and English, moved in elite circles and has been dubbed “a Far Eastern Mata Hari”.

She became the mistress of a Malaysian political fixer and was allegedly trying to extort money from him at the time of her violent demise.

Two members of an elite Malaysian police unit that protects top politicians are on trial in Kuala Lumpur, accused of shooting her in the jungle and then blowing up her body with military explosives.

Azilah Hadri, 32, and Sirul Azhar Umar, 36, officers in the Special Branch, could go to the gallows if convicted of abducting and murdering Altantuya on October 19, 2006. A verdict is expected early next month.

Their trial is unfolding as Najib Razak, the country’s deputy prime minister, stands on the verge of taking over as premier after a ruling-party leadership election, due within days.

Najib was accused by a young opposition MP, Gobind Singh Deo, in parliament, of involvement in the murder. Deo was suspended by the Speaker for making the remark. The deputy prime minister has strongly denied any involvement.

Testimony in an earlier court case has established an intimate personal and financial connection between the dead woman and a close aide to Najib, who was minister of defence at the time of the submarine deal.

The aide, Abdul Razak Baginda, was acquitted by a court last November of being an accessory in the murder. He has since been working on a doctorate at Trinity College, Oxford.

Baginda admitted that the dead woman was his mistress for about a year and prosecutors said she had pestered him for money after their break-up.

Just before her death she arrived in Kuala Lumpur, accompanied by a Mongolian shaman, who was to put a curse on Baginda if he did not pay up.

Altantuya was dragged away from outside Baginda’s home by two Special Branch officers, but he was acquitted after maintaining that he never gave orders for her to be harmed.

The Libération exposé linking the murder to the shadowy world of arms contracts has embarrassed the French war-ship firm DCNS. Armaris, a firm now merged with DCNS, sold the three submarines to Malaysia in 2002 for £937m.

Attention has centred on why Armaris paid £107m to a Malaysian company called Perimekar in 2006.

Opposition leaders alleged in parliament that the payment was a “commission” for intermediaries and that Perimekar was secretly owned by Baginda. Najib replied that it was not a “commission” and that Perimekar was a “project services provider”.

Libération has alleged that Altantuya, who toured France with Baginda in a Ferrari, wining and dining at expensive restaurants, learnt of the payment. It said she was demanding $500,000 (£345,000).

DCNS has refused to comment. It is already the subject of a French judicial investigation into corrupt practices, thanks to a whistleblower who has detailed bribery and industrial espionage allegations.

Last week, efforts to contact Baginda, a self-styled political analyst, at his new home in Oxford were unsuccessful.

Najib has avoided public comment but his politically influential wife, Rosmah Mansor, told the French news agency AFP that she was “shocked” by attempts to link her husband and her to the case.

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