Permatang Pasir by election

Pas’ dilemma in Permatang Pasir

Submitted by pekwan on Wednesday, August 12th, 2009
Wednesday, August 12th, 2009 06:57:00
Permantang Pasir

THE Permatang Pasir State by election will see Pas supporters divided given the verbal clashes between the party and its Pakatan Rakyat (PR) partners the past few months.

The disagreements were over serious issues that touched on fundamentals of the parties such as the pig abattoir case in Kedah and the beer selling issue in Selangor, sensitivities that touched the hearts of Malays in Umno and the majority of Pas members.

They seem to be slighted by what was being termed by Pas insiders as the “arrogant attitude” of DAP leaders towards Islam and Malays. In Penang, the issue related to Jeff Ooi and Jemaah Islam Malaysia (JIM) where Jeff’s refusal to apologise has slighted the majority of Pas supporters and sympathisers.

Party insiders said these voters may not vote at all or vote for Barisan  Nasional (BN) on Aug 25.

The Elections Commission has fixed Aug 17 as nomination day and Aug 25 as polling day.

Party insiders said that depending on how well party leaders can influence these supporters, the fact remained they were “slighted” by the event.

“Worse still, they feel that Pas dare not stand up to the DAP in Penang. That was why it was a group of Islamic NGOs that called on Ooi to apologise when Pas should have been doing that,” they added.

Despite the setback, the insiders said Pas still had the winning edge in its loyal members and their votes would not be swayed by any events.

“It is only the symphatisers and supporters that may choose to take other options,” said an insider.

However, the number of such voters, according to party insiders, may just allow BN to scramble past the finish line.

Some Pas leaders, according to party insiders were also slighted by the verbal clashes and stayed clear of making public their emotions and feelings.

“They have to show leaders of DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat that they are rational and wise not to wash dirty linen in public.

“But Pas members know and Pas supporters and symphatisers know. This is the problem we are facing in the by-election,” one insider said.

The Chinese voters, comprising 25 per cent, may not vote for Pas in the wake of the issues involving the abattoir and beer.

Malay Mail


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  1. Rusli Hamzah Says:

    You are highlighting your “Personal Opinion” NOT the “Professional Opinion”

    Your opinion might mean for BN propaganda but please be more realistic.

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