Pembubaran Dun Perak dan Pilihan Raya Negeri Perak?

Pakatan Rakyat gearing up for state election in Perak
Kong See Hoh Updated: 04:35 PM Tue, 07 Jul 2009  The Sun

KUALA LUMPUR: (July 7, 2009) : Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is gearing up for a state
election in Perak which it believes will be held very soon.

According to a report in Oriental Daily News, PR is dead sure that the Perak
state assembly will be dissolved soon based on the latest political
developments in the state and the belief the Barisan Nasional (BN) is
worried that the repercussions from its power grab earlier in the year would
affect its performance in the next general election if the “hiccups” in
Perak is not resolved.

PR top leaders said reliable BN sources revealed that Prime Minister Datuk
Seri Najib Abdul Razak has agreed in principle to seek the dissolution of
the Perak state assembly but the Sultan will make final decision on the

The report said PR, at its council meeting on Monday, discussed preparations
for a state election, including on the strategies to be adopted to endear
itself to the people.

It said the coalition believed that the most democratic way to elect a
government is to allow the people to exercise their wisdom and make an
informed choice.

It is understood that PR, which comprises Parti Keadilan Rakyat, PAS and
DAP, is expected to come up its election manifesto soon.

Perak PR has also set up several committees to mobilise members of component
parties at short notices.

It is also learnt that PR will also pick their shadow village heads for some
140 new villages to take care of problems faced by villagers.

Perak PKR deputy chief Chan Lih Kang, who was among those who attended the
PR council meeting, told Oriental that the coalition has all these while
believed that BN will call for an election in Perak and that it is just a
matter of time that the assembly is dissolved.

He was mum about what was discussed at the meeting but stressed that the
abattoir issue in Kedah has not affected Perak PR.

Infamous duo not returning: Nizar
S Pathmawathy and Tarani Palani | Jul 7, 09 4:01pm

Speculation that two of the three independent assemblypersons, whose actions
plunged Perak into a constitutional crisis, were considering returning to
the oppostion was shot down by Perak Pakatan.

Ousted Perak Menteri Besar Mohammed Nizar (left) Jamaluddin poo-poohed
reports that Changkat Jering independent assemblyperson Mohd Osman Jailu had
expressed an intention to rejoin the opposition.

It was reported in Chinese language daily Sin Chew Jit Poh that Nizar met
the former PKR man recently and the latter expressed his unhappiness over
BN’s rule in Perak.

The article quoted Nizar as saying that state assembly deputy speaker Hee
Yit Foong (Jelapang), formerly from DAP, had also expressed similar

‘Osman was very apologetic’

However, Nizar told Malaysiakini that he ‘bumped into’ Mohd Osman by chance
and they exchanged greetings.

“He (Osman) was wearing a cap in an attempt to hide his face but I
recognised him and we chatted awhile but he did not say anything about
returning to Pakatan,” said Nizar.

“Osman was, nevertheless, very apologetic and told me that he was not to be
blamed for what had taken place in Perak,” said Nizar.

Nizar also said had no contact with Hee since the May 7 state assembly

Mohd Osman, Hee and Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (Behrang-PKR) resigned from
Pakatan on Feb 4, and became BN-friendly independents.

DAP not on speaking terms with Hee

Their actions cost Pakatan its majority in the state assembly, and BN
wrested control of the state government.

Mohd Osman and Hee could not be contacted.

Former executive councillor member A Sivanesan (left), while acknowledging
that the two had met, said he was not aware of any talk of Mohd Osman
wanting to return to the Pakatan fold.

Moreover, he said that none of the DAP leaders are on speaking terms with

Sivanesan said the three who crossed over may not have received the promised
perks, thus the speculations of them being unhappy and wanting to return to
the opposition.

“Foong is still a deputy speaker (as she was before). The other two, who
were exco members, are merely leaders. There is uncertainty if they have
received what they were promised,” said Sivanesan.

I am happy being neutral

Behrang assemblyperson Jamaluddin meanwhile told Malaysiakini that there was
no basis for reports of him rejoining PKR.

He said he was “comfortable being a neutral party”.

Jamaluddin added that Nizar had tried to contact him last Tuesday around
midnight but he had refused to answer the phone call.

He said that he had no intentions of talking with Nizar.

He also said that this was the first time the ousted menteri besar had tried
to contact him since his defection last February.


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