Nik Aziz: Kerajaan Perpaduan bukan kehendak PAS

Unity govt proponents are
Umno puppets: Nik Aziz

KOTA BARU: PAS spiritual leader
Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat
yesterday rapped party members
who defended the proposal of a
unity government mooted by PAS
president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi
Awang, regarding them as Umno
He also disagreed with PAS
central election director Datuk
Mustafa Ali calling on all PAS
and Pakatan Rakyat leaders to
cease issuing statements on the
proposed unity government to
avoid confusing party members,
saying there was no reason why
they should.
“I cannot run away from the
decision made at the PAS assembly
in Ipoh last year … the decision
was to support the PR. Those who
support this unity (government)
are Umno puppets – clear and
obvious,” Nik Aziz said.
“The unwarranted call from
PAS to form a unity government
is (from) Umno puppets,” he said
at his offi cial residence here.
When told that the idea of
a unity government came from
Hadi himself, Nik Aziz said the
statement did not reflect the
wishes of PAS.
“The president is a leader
of an organisation, and (as) the
decision was not made by the
organisation, it is his personal
statement.” – Bernama


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  1. HarakahDaily Says:

    Artikel yg menarik..

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