Unity Government?

Macam mana nak berpadu dengan Umno? Umno tak ada prinsip, tak ada ideologi. Ia sebuah parti yang tidak hiraukan benar atau salah, adil atau zalim, baik atau buruk.
Macam mana nak berpadu dengan kedurjanaan dan kelalangan yang sudah sebati dalam Umno yang sedemikian?

Kecuali Umno mengalami perubahan drastik …

Delegates slam unity gov’t idea
Rahmah Ghazali | Jun 7, 09 2:50pm Malaysiakini.com
PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s unity government with Umno concept received more criticisms today when many delegates continued to criticise the talk of unity government in the final day of the PAS 55th Muktamar in Shah Alam.


pas muktamar usul debate 070609 khalid samadShah Alam lawmaker and Selangor delegate Khalid Samad told the delegates that “it is very important for us to know our enemies or foes so that we would not be cheated by these people claiming they want to be peaceful with us”.

“Do not even mention about forming a unity government or holding talks with Umno as both of the parties have very little in common.”

Khalid said this when debating a motion on the setting up of an independent Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate the Perak political crisis which they believed Umno played an important role.

“Such a commission is vital to unmask all the Umno and BN wrongdoings in Perak. They had seized  the state government which was lawfully elected by the people,” he said, adding that he gave his full support to the motion.

Khalid also stressed that even though Umno embraces the same religion and race with PAS, they “did not care about us when they seized the lawful state government in Perak”.

“So, don’t you mention beautiful words like unity or making peace because this will only lead to a split in our cooperation with (Pakatan Rakyat),” he said.

“With this, I urge you all to give full support to this motion so that we could build a strong platform when they (Umno) are on a decline in its influence,” said Khalid, drawing strong cheers from the delegates.

The motion, which was proposed by Tambun delegate, Dr Khairuddin Malek, stated that such a commission is important to investigate “the criminal acts to topple the previous Perak state government”. It was passed unanimously by the muktamar.

No one wants to cooperate with Umno

pas muktamar usul debate 070609 zulkifili ahmad wakil pemudaIn his fiery speech debating the same motion, Youth central committee delegate Zulkifli Ahmad believed that “no one wants to cooperate with Umno and compromise with them”.

“We must be steadfast in our struggle to defend Islam. I have learnt that there are some leaders who had held talks with Umno in regards of unity government.

“But this is not the term that we should use. The term of talks we are looking at here is to instead attract them to join us rather than we joining them,” he said.

Zulkifli argued that the talk of unity government is like something munafik or hypocritical.

Meanwhile, Rantau Panjang parliamentarian and a delegate from the Muslimat wing, Siti Zailah Mohd Yusof, said she had faith in PAS stressing that the party “could stand strong without Umno”.

“We don’t need to be a slave to Umno. All we have to do now is to strengthen Pakatan and choose the best leadership there is,” said Siti Zailah in her winding-up speech.

pas muktamar usul debate 070609 vincent lee yao bangMeanwhile, PAS supporters club deputy president Vincent Lee expressed worry on the “secret talks” held between PAS and Umno.

“It has indeed worried the non-Muslim community who support PAS. They have been wondering whether the party would leave them behind when they have made Umno as their best friends.

“Please don’t do something that could tarnish our image and go back to the old ways by isolating the non-Muslims from the party. What is the meaning of our support to PAS if the party deviates from its original struggle?” said Vincent to cheers from the crowd.


Nizar: Unity talks with Umno will not take place
Hafiz Yatim & Rahmah Ghazali | Jun 7, 09 1:11pm Malaysiakini.com
Highest grossing PAS central working committee member, Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin personally believes that the mooted unity talks with Umno will not take place.


pas muktamar usul debate 070609 nizarNizar, who is also the ousted Perak menteri besar said the matter was not discussed by the delegates during this muktamar although it was mentioned by the party president Abdul Hadi Awang.

“Personally, I feel the unity talks would not go through. Unlike Umno, what the PAS president had said should not be viewed as party policy. This matter have yet to be discussed extensively and I think it would not fall through,” he said.

Asked whether Abdul Hadi’s views and PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat’s opposing views is seen as a conflict within the party, Nizar said he does not think so.

“As I stated this is not a majority view (unity talks) held by the party. It is not deliberated by the delegates in this muktamar and this should not be viewed too deeply.

“The mainstream media may be focussing on the issue as they may find it favourable to them (Umno and Barisan Nasional,” the ousted Perak menteri besar said.

On Friday, after delivering his policy speech, Abdul Hadi, who won uncontested, reiterated that PAS will continue to encourage dialogues with all parties including Umno and added that Pakatan coalition partners – PKR and DAP – were quite receptive to the idea.

“(It is) not just members of Pakatan who support us fully but also members of Umno, who want our cooperation to work together in solving the problems confronting the country,” Abdul Hadi had said.

However, in an immediate response, DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang refuted such allegations that DAP has agreed to the question of unity talks and this was confirmed by PKR deputy president Syed Husin Ali yesterday that such talks do not take place.

Last night, Nik Aziz also rubbished such ideas. He was adamant that the Islamic party should not even be thinking about the idea.

“The call to have a unity government with Umno is ridiculous,” he told the ceramah at the Melawati Stadium last night.

Filing for leave either tomorrow or Tuesday

Nizar also commented that his lawyers will likely file his leave application to the Federal Court either tomorrow or on Tuesday.

“So far we have only obtained Justice Md Raus (Sharif’s) judgment on Friday. We are still awating Justice Zainun Ali’s judgment,” he said.

Nizar also said his lawyers have been working day and night since Friday to draft the questions to be submitted to the apex court for the leave application.

perak tree of democracy - the plaqueHe also asked reporters on how they felt about the events so far regarding the Perak takeover by BN.

“I am sure many Malaysians feel the same way that the Perak assembly should be dissolved to end the stalemate,” he said.

During the debate of motion against the teaching of science and maths in English, Nizar said he and other PAS members had filed a suit against the Education Ministry and its minister to stop the implementation.

“The matter has been fixed on June 5. I fully support the motion as the progressive societies in the world has so far used their own mother language to advance.”

“We should be steadfast in the support of Bahasa Malaysia in the teaching of science and maths as from feedbacks gained, the teachers are now teaching Bahasa rojak (a mixture of both English and BM) when teaching the subjects.”

This, he said leads to confusion among the pupils. He also adds that students in the rural area would be in a disadvantage in learning the two vital subjects.


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