Adun Padungan, Dominique Ng ditahan di Sarawak

Beliau telah diberitakan ditahan di Kuching Waterfront kerana mempamerkan protes tentang apa yang sedang berlaku di Perak siang tadi.

Beliau sedang menunggu proses ikat jamin selesai.

– SMS Sharifah Maziah dari Miri.


Vigil: Arrest count stands at 20 now
Wong Teck Chi | May 7, 09 10:28pm
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For the second straight night the Brickfields police have arrested people who had gathered to show support for activist Wong Chin Huat who was arrested under the Sedition Act on Wednesday.

And just like last night, 14 people were arrested again today for allegedly participating in an illegal assembly. And about two hours later, six others were also taken in, including lawyers who had come to assist the 14.

The 14 were part of about 20 people who had gathered at the police station at about 8.50pm.

They had marched towards the police station, holding candles, from a fastfood outlet located about 150 metres away.

Once they reached the entrance of the police station, a police officer approached them and instructed them to disperse. The small crowd refused and continued to hold the candlelight vigil.

vigil and arrest in front brickfield polis station 070509  02At about 9.25pm, Brickfields district police chief Wan Bari Wan Abdul Khalid came out and started shouting at the crowd. He warned them to disperse twice.

Fourteen of them were then arrested after failing to disperse.

The 14 – nine men and five women – included PKR Youth movement exco member Ginnie Lim, KLSCAH Youth chief Ng Chong Soon, journalist The Yi Keong, PKR party worker Chua Yee Ling and several student activists.

They were taken to the Brickfields police station. Lim is believed to have been handcuffed and is waiting for her statement to be taken.

Last night, the police also arrested 14 people for alleged illegal gathering after they had similarly gathered to show support for Wong.

They were released some hours later after their particulars were taken by the police.

The group of people had gathered to show support for Wong, an activist from polls reform group Bersih, who was arrested to be investigated under the Sedition Act.

Lawyers denied access to detainees

Wong was taken into custody for calling the public to wear black today to protest the ‘death of democracy’ in his home state. He has been remanded until tomorrow.

Soon after the 14 were arrested, a team of lawyers arrived at the police station to help the detainees.

vigil and arrest in front brickfield polis station 070509  01However, lawyer Fadiah Nabwa Fikri said the police had denied them access to those arrested.

She also said that police chief Bari was at a meeting and was unable to meet them.

Fadiah further said she had received an SMS from Lim that she was being locked up in a storeroom, and have not had a statement taken from her yet.

“I got her SMS saying she is locked in a storeroom and not feeling too comfortable,” she added.

By 11.15, those arrested were still denied their rights to see their lawyers. They started shouting ‘We want lawyer’ and broke into rendering the national anthem.

About 20 people had gathered outside the police station to show support for those arrested. They are being monitored by six policemen in two patrol cars.

And while waiting for those arrested to be released, this small group of people managed to catch a glimpse of Wong who was brought in a police car to the Brickfields police station at about 11pm.

It is learnt that Wong was on his way back from the hospital after seeking treatment for diarrhoea which he was suffering from since last night. The crowd cheered when they saw him.

The crowd also joined in to sing Negaraku with the arrested 14 and were waiting eagerly for them to be released.

However things took a bad turn at about 11.45pm when the police started a second wave of arrests by taking in six people, which included five lawyers.

The other person arrested was Suara Keadilan Chinese version editor Law Teck Hao. Law was also one of those arrested last night.

The arrested lawyers were Fadiah, Syuhaini Safwan, Puspawati Rosman, Ravin Singh and one known only as Murnie. They are all from the Bar Council’s legal aid centre.

All six were arrested for illegal gathering.

Arrests in Kuching too

Meanwhile in Kuching, Sarawak, Joseph Tawie reports that Padungan state assemblyperson Dominique Ng was arrested together with 10 PKR members, which included his wife, Lim Phang Lian.

Edil Rahmat, head of state PKR Youth movement and famous blogger Lina Soo were also arrested for taking part in an illegal assembly at the Kuching Waterfront when they lighted candles to observe a vigil for democracy in Perak.

All of them were wearing black T-shirts.

Earlier at around 7.30pm, the police have closed all roads leading to the Kuching Waterfront to stop PKR members from holding the candlelight vigil to support their colleagues in Perak.

But Ng, in SMSes to all his friends, warned that participants should be prepared to walk to the Kuching Waterfront.

Ng, who is also the chairperson of the PKR division in Kuching, said: “I have never seen so many police personnel doing their duties to arrest the most dangerous ‘terrorists’.”

At press time, they were still at the Kuching Central police station.


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