Saga Dun Perak

Perak: May 7th, beam it to the world..

02/05/2009 by drrafick

1. It is five days to go till the next sitting of the Perak State Assembly. This is an historic sitting. This event must be recorded in the Annals of the Malaysian history as well as humanity is concerned. It is something that all Malaysian must teach their children and grandchildren on how democracy has been abused in Malaysia.

2. In the first place, I am not certain who had called the sitting of the Assembly. Zambry said it was done at HRH Perak Sultan instruction. However this is debateable. The calling of the sitting of the State Assembly is the prerogative of the Speaker which must be done with the consent of HRH. The MB has no power in advising HRH in calling for the sitting of the State Assembly. Unfortunately this is gross abuse of due process has been ignored by many.

3. I believe more abuse of due process will take place once the assembly sat on May 7th. These abuses will be in the form of coup de tat of the State Speaker position. The people have been primed with the news that Sivakumar will be replaced. After a while, people will get an idea that it is a normal process.

4. To reinforce the legality of their action in the State Assembly, Zambry is now issuing instruction via the State Secretary Office where limited number of media people will be allowed into the Assembly. The aim is very clear. Immediately after sitting has begun, news flashed will come out peaceful resolution and removal of the speaker has taken place. I would even believe, HRH speech on that day will carry message indicating his displeasure over Sivakumar and Nizar.

5. Taking a cue from this speech, Zambry and his friends will seize power in the assembly. All this will be done within a control environment. The media will be used to contain these abuses. The media will be use to down play the event of the day and portray the false picture. Within the next few days after that, Perakians will be confused on the true event that takes place. Perakians will be made to believe that Nizar, Zambry and his men had insulted the Royalty and the Assembly.

6. It is rather sad to note that in Perak we have a biased civil service. The State Secretary has not acted professionally. What can we expect from someone with the mentality of “cari makan” instead of doing what is right according to the books. It was the State Secretary that had locked the gate to the house that led to the Sitting of the Assembly under the tree. Now we can see that the State Secretary Office is again being used to control the environment leading to May 7th assembly sitting.

7. The event that is about to unveil itself in court is not about Anwar or Nizar or Sivakumar or PR. It is about the truth and doing the right thing. The event that has taken place in the last few months has a silver lining. It has educated many people about the Perak State Constitution. It has made the people to think what is right and what is wrong. This education must not stop here. It must continue.

8. This education can continue if all media is allowed to cover the event on May 7th. Malaysians has always been reminded about May 13th. Now we can add another day in the Malaysian calendar. It signifies the continuation of abuses and murder of Democracy. All level of the society in Malaysia must know about this historic event. The only way we can know about this if it is beamed life via all media tools that is available. I would say that we should beam it all over the world to ensure all Malaysian around the world can see it. “Beam it, Scottie..”

1. Perak Legislative Assembly Standing Orders

2. Perak State Constitution


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