Hero after hero…the BNs don’t see it, do they? (Updated)

ISA detainee Manoharan mulls resignation
Rahmah Ghazali | May 2, 09 5:00pm
Hindraf legal advisor M Manoharan, who is under ISA detention, has today confirmed that he is considering quitting his Selangor state seat of Kota Alam Shah.


manoharan and kota alam shah state seat selangorIn a statement issued by his wife S Pushpaneela, the ISA detainee said he regretted his inability to effectively serve his constituents over the past 14 months given his incarceration at the Kamunting detention camp in Taiping, Perak.

“I feel a sense of guilt of being unable to serve the voters who have voted me as their respresentative in the Selangor state assembly. I feel I am being unfair to my constituents thus far,” he said.

“I now have to consider resigning as a Selangor state assemblyman for Kota Alam Shah paving the way for a by-election in order for my constituents to re-elect their new representative who will be better able to serve them and who will be able to physically attend all the sittings of the Selangor state legislative assembly and matters arriving there from.”

Pushpaneela, who met her husband in Kamunting today, came out from the detention camp at around 4.15 pm.

Two days ago Malaysiakini reported that the detained assemblyperson was considering giving up his seat due to his frustration of not being able to physically serve his constituents, quoting an unnamed close source.

Contested under the DAP ticket

Manoharan was detained under the ISA on Dec 13, 2007 along with four other top Hindraf leaders.

He then contested under the DAP ticket for the Kota Alam Shah state seat in Selangor while in custody and defeated BN-Gerakan’s Ching Su Chen by 7,184 votes.

karpal singhHowever, Manoharan will only make the official decision after a meeting with DAP chairperson Karpal Singh on May 19 at the Kamunting Detention Camp.

According to the statement read out by Pushpaneela via telephone with Malaysiakini, her husband has “exhausted all avenues” to seek his release and all the efforts have been in vain.

“I have written a letter to former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, three letters to now Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, eight letters to former home minister Syed Hamid Albar, and two letters to Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah (to gain my freedom),” said Manoharan.

hindraf isa detainee r kenghadharan and v ganabatirau released 060409Apart from that, he added, his applications to attend the state assembly sittings have all been rejected by the Home Ministry.

“(Instead), I was forced to apply for leave from the ministry,” he said.

Furthermore, Manoharan also expressed his frustration over the ISA advisory board and its panel members “who have all rejected my pleas for my release”.

“The High Court has dismissed my three habeas corpus application and the Federal Court have dismissed all the three appeals from the High Court.

“So all the efforts (I have made) have been to no avail. I am very disappointed that this had happened despite the 12,699 voters of Kota Alam Shah having voted to show that I have never ever been a threat to national security.

“The home minister defied the voice of the people and the democratic voice of the 12,699 voters,” he said.

Wife: It’s only so much I can do

Between being the breadwinner of her family and replacing Manoharan as the state assemblyperson, Pushpaneela, however, conceded that her contributions in the constituency is still unsatisfactory.

manoharan wife hindraf deepavali message 281008 s pushpaneela 2Even though she had acted on behalf of her husband for the past 14 months, she said that she still “can’t bring the constituents grievances to the state assembly”.

“I can do as much as I can in the constituency, but I cannot attend the state assembly sitting. As a state representative, you need to bring their grievances to the august House but these people have been denied (this),” she said.

Despite the hardest decision that her husband has to make, the mother of four children however said that Manoharan was “in good spirit”.

“But he just feels very guilty … the people only saw his posters and not him in person. He tried his best to be out (of prison) to serve them … but he can’t even attend the assembly sitting,” said Puspaneela.

Manoharan’s threat to quit has put Najib on the back foot.

The prime minister has lambasted the opposition for forcing by-elections for no good reasons after Penanti assembyperson Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin resigned from his Penang state seat last month.

In this case, Manoharan is arguing that he has compelling and legitimate reasons to quit, unless of course, Najib releases him from ISA detention.

The Kota Alam Shah seat is one of the three seats which falls under the Klang constituency, also held by DAP. It covers Klang town and surrounding areas.

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‘Let my constituents elect new rep’
My 500th day under ISA

K Kabilan | Apr 30, 09 11:47am
Kota Alam Shah state representative M Manoharan, who is under the Internal Security Act detention, is believed to be considering quitting his seat, Malaysiakini learnt today.

A source close to the detained lawyer said that he was growing frustrated over his inability to serve his constituents.

“He also realises the pressure he has put on his wife to work as his representative in his absence,” added the source.

manoharan wife hindraf deepavali message 281008 s pushpaneelaHis wife S Pushpaneela (right) has to juggle her time in taking care of their four young children, his legal office and his constituency, added the source.

Manoharan was detained under the ISA on Dec 13 in 2007 along with four other Hindraf leaders.

He was a legal advisor for the movement, which has since been banned by the government.

He then contested under the DAP ticket for the Kota Alam Shah state seat in Selangor while in custody and defeated BN-Gerakan’s Ching Su Chen by 7,184 votes.

Various appeals to the government and judicial reviews in courts to seek his freedom have been unsuccessful.

In his absence, Pushpaneela and several volunteers have been taking care of the constituency with the help of some DAP leaders.

“However, the workload is just too much on her. She is after all not the elected representative and there is only so much she can do for the people,” added the source.

Manoharan is now believed to have decided that it would be better for someone else to do the job as the state assemblyperson in Kota Alam Shah.

Wife meeting him on Saturday

When contacted, Pushpaneela refused to comment on the matter.

“I can’t say anything until I have met him at the Kamunting detention centre this Saturday,” she said.

“Please wait until Saturday for further information on this,” she added.

kota alam shah selangor state seat 300409If Manoharan steps down from the seat, it will pave the way for the seventh by-election in the country after the March 2008 general election.

As it is, a by-election is just around the corner – for the Penanti state seat in Penang, which will be held on May 31.

That seat became vacant after its PKR’s representative Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin quit on April 16.

The Kota Alam Shah by-election, if it happens, would be the first in Selangor and for DAP.

Pakatan has 36 seats in the state assembly as opposed to 20 held by Barisan Nasional.

The decision by Manoharan to step down, if it materialises, would come as a shock to state leaders as this was one seat which they had not anticipated a by-election.

The state however came close to hold a by-election for the Bukit Lanjan state seat held by PKR’s Elizabeth Wong after semi-nude photos of her were circulated in public earlier this year.

That did not materialise after Wong decided against resigning the seat.

Will BN contest?

A by-election in Kota Alam Shah would also put BN in a quandary as the coalition’s chairperson and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had recently lashed out at elected representatives from the opposition for quitting their seats for flimsy reasons.

najib deneis allegations of buying state assembly person 260209 01Najib had argued that the nation was better off spending money on fighting the ongoing financial crisis than wasting it on by-elections.

Worried that the ruling coalition will suffer its fifth consecutive defeats in the Peninsular, BN is contemplating not contesting the Penanti state seat. However, a final decision is expected on Monday.

The coalition may take a similar stand on Kota Alam Shah if the seat becomes vacant.

“But in the case of Manoharan, it is not that he does not want to serve his constituents. It is the decision of the government to hold him under detention, thus disabling him from performing his duty,” said the source.

“There is no way Najib can call Manoharan’s reason to quit as being flimsy. He (Manoharan) is after all seems to be thinking for the benefit of his voters,” added the source.

The Kota Alam Shah seat falls under the Klang constituency, which is also held by DAP.

st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } Meanwhile Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim denied that Manoharan was going resign from his state seat.

Speaking to reporters in Shah Alam, he brushed aside the resignation talks as speculations.

And in Penang, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng refused to comment on the matter.

Yet another decisive milestone to be in PAS

Husam hints at going for No 2
Andrew Ong | Apr 29, 09 1:45pm malaysiakini.com
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PAS vice-president Husam Musa has given his
clearest signal yet regarding his intention to
challenge incumbent Nasharuddin Mat Isa for
the party’s No 2 post.

“If PAS’ direction is clear and there are no doubts
about Umno’s relationship with PAS, (then there will be)
no reason for me to contest,” Husam told reporters
after visiting the Pengkalan Chepa Industrial Area (II)
in Kelantan.

husam musa pas interview 170507“But today, I feel that this direction
is not clear and there are still doubts about the
relationship (between PAS and Umno).”

Husam said he wants to determine why the grassroots
have nominated him for the post and will be contacting
heads of the divisions that gave him the nominations.

He has already received the minimum of two nominations
required to run for the post and is expected to pick up
the bulk of the nominations from the 14 PAS divisions
in Kelantan, where he is based.

Thus far, vice-president Mohamad Sabu had been the
only one to have confirmed
his intention to contest for the deputy president’s post,
which Nasharuddin has held for two consecutive terms.

No self absorption

kuala terengganu by election pas daily pc 100109 nasharuddin 02.jpg
Husam’s candidacy has generated much interest
due to the so-called fight between the
‘pro-Pakatan Rakyat’ faction which Husam is aligned to,
versus the ‘pro-muzakarah’ faction, linked to Nasharuddin (right), which wants closer ties with Umno.

Party leaders however have rubbished the existence
of such factions and claimed that the labels were
concocted by their political rivals to split the party.

Talks about factionalism gripping PAS began
when delegates engaged
in heated debates during the party general assembly
last year, over clandestine talks between certain
portions of the party leadership with Umno counterparts.

According to Bernama, Husam also said
that he would consider several factors before deciding
on contesting, namely: the wishes of party members,
reasons for him to contest and the approach PAS would
take in the 13th general election.

“As a rule, I don’t like to promote myself
(in order to be elected)
for any posts, except when the party needs me to do so,”
he said.

He stressed that any decisions he would make
would be in the best interest of the party which
was more important than personal interest.

The PAS annual meeting – and party elections –
is scheduled to be held from June 3 to 7
in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Anwar Ibrahim: Penanti by-election


28 April 2009

(Permatang Pauh, Pulau Pinang) Sesudahnya tsunami politik Mac 2008, rakyat Malaysia kembali ke peti undi sebanyak lima kali. Empat darinya kita menyaksikan rakyat Malaysia memilih Pakatan Rakyat, yang kelimanya walaupun dicemari politik wang dan penipuan, menunjukkan betapa rakyat begitu mengidamkan perubahan dan politik baru di negara ini.

Mesejnya jelas. Rakyat Malaysia mahukan perubahan dan menidakkan pemerintahan BN yang dikuasai Umno. Mereka mendakap perjuangan Pakatan Rakyat yang mahukan rakyat bersatu padu dan berusaha membasmi rasuah serta memastikan tidak ada lagi kaum yang dipinggirkan, baik Melayu mahupun kaum bumiputera Sarawak dan Sabah.

Oleh itu saya dengan sukacitanya ingin mengumumkan calon KEADILAN bagi kawasan Penanti pada pilihanraya 31 Mei ini ialah En. Mansor bin Othman. Beliau merupakan Ketua Bahagian KEADILAN Balik Pulau dan Timbalan Pengerusi Perhubungan Negeri KEADILAN Pulau Pinang. Beliau juga telah berkhidmat selama 10 tahun sebagai Ahli Majlis Pimpinan Tertinggi Parti Keadilan Rakyat dan Timbalan Pengarah Pilihanraya Pusat KEADILAN. En. Mansor Othman juga telah berkhidmat dengan saya yang pada ketika itu merupakan Timbalan Perdana Menteri sebagai Setiausaha Politik dari tahun 1996-1998.

Beliau telah mencurahkan tenaga demi membawa pembangunan ke Pulau Pinang dan saya yakin beliau bersedia untuk berkhidmat untuk penduduk Penanti sepenuh jiwa dan raga.

En. Mansor merupakan pemegang ijazah sarjana dari Universiti Sains Malaysia dan sarjana falsafah serta sarjana sastera dari Universiti Yale. Beliau merupakan Profesor Madya di USM dan Pengarah Pusat Kajian Dasar. Beliau secara aktif berusaha meningkatkan taraf pendidikan dan program belia di Pulau Pinang dengan penglibatan sebagai ahli Jawatankuasa Pendidikan Masyarakat dan Jawatankuasa Program Pembangunan Belia. Sebagai exco PEMADAM, beliau bekerja keras meningkatkan kesedaran awam berhubung penyalahgunaan serta langkah-langkah pencegahan dari terlibat dengan dadah.

Melalui program TEKUN di mana beliau sebagai Pengurus Besar, En. Mansor Othman terlibat secara aktif dalam pembangunan usahawan bumiputera, bertujuan meningkatkan kemahiran usahawan kecil dan sederhana serta membiayai usaha mereka dengan pemberian kredit mikro.

Saya merakamkan ucapan penghargaan kepada YAB Ketua Menteri Lim Guan Eng kerana sudi bersama kita malam ini dan membuktikan kepada semua keteguhan kerjasama Pakatan Rakyat. Parti Keadilan Rakyat yakin DAP dan PAS pasti bersama-sama di dalam pihanraya kecil ini bagi memastikan kemenangan Pakatan Rakyat.


Ketua Umum

Parti Keadilan Rakyat



28 April 2009

(Permatang Pauh, Penang) In the aftermath of the March 2008 political tsunami Malaysians have gone back to the polls five times. In four elections they have voted overwhelmingly in favour of Pakatan Rakyat and in the fifth, but for the influence of money politics and electoral fraud, demonstrated a growing preference for change and for a new style of politics.

The message is clear. The Malaysian people are eager to turn the page on Umno-led BN rule. They have embraced Pakatan Rakyat’s message of unity and are inspired by our commitment to eradicating corruption and addressing the needs of the poor and marginalized, particularly among the Malays and bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

I am pleased to announce KEADILAN’s candidate for the May 31st by election for the State seat of Penanti in Penang. En. Mansor bin Othman is KEADILAN’s Division Chief for Balik Pulau and Deputy State Chief of KEADILAN Penang. He has served on KEADILAN’s Supreme Council for over ten years and also served as the national Deputy Director of Elections. In addition, he served me honorably and with distinction as Political Secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia from 1996-1998.

Mansor has contributed immensely to the development of Penang and is ready to serve the people of Penanti from day one in office.

He earned a masters degree from USM and a Masters in Arts and a Masters of Philosophy from Yale University. He was an associate professor at USM and was also the Director of the Center for Policy Research.

Having served in the Committee for Community Education and the Committee for Youth Development Programs, he has contributed to improving both education and youth programs in Penang. As an Exco member of PEMADAM Penang, he worked tirelessly to raise awareness about drug abuse and the prevention of drug addiction. Mansor was also actively involved in the development of bumiputera entrepreneurs, notably through his role with TEKUN, a program designed to improve skills of businessmen in small and medium enterprises by providing them with microcredit facilities.

I would like to thank CM Lim Guan Eng immensely for joining us tonight and for his continued support of the Pakatan agenda. On behalf of KEADILAN I look forward to continued cooperation with DAP and PAS in the coming election. Their contributions have been instrumental in the previous by-election victories and have demonstrated the growing strength and cohesiveness of this coalition.



Mansor is PKR candidate for Penanti
Athi Veeranggan | Apr 28, 09 11:06pm malaysiakini.com
Former academician and PKR state deputy leader 58-year-old Mansor Othman (


pic below) will be the party candidate for the Penanti by-election next month.

anwar ibrahim dr mansor othman pkr candidate for penanti state seat by election 280409 03This was announced by PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim to a crowd of more than 1,000 people packed into Yayasan Aman, Penanti tonight.

Among Pakatan Rakyat leaders present were Penang Chief Minister and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, PKR national president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, state PKR chief and Bayan Baru parliamentarian MP Zahrain Mohd Hashim, state DAP chairperson and state executive councillor Chow Kon Yeow and former deputy chief minister Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin.

Since the seat fell vacant after its incumbent representative Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin resigned on April 16, speculations were rife that Mansor was PKR supremo Anwar’s pick for the contest.

Mansor, a former professor from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), was Anwar’s political secretary when the parliamentary opposition leader was the deputy prime minister in the Barisan Nasional government.

“He earned a Masters degree from USM and a Masters in Arts and a Masters in Philosophy in Yale University,” said Anwar in introducing Mansor to party supporters.

Mansor, who is PKR Balik Pulau division chief, is also the party’s Penang deputy chief.

“He has served in PKR’s supreme council for 10 years and also served as the national deputy director of elections. In addition, he has served me honourably and with distinction as political secretary to the deputy prime minister from 1996 to 1998,” added Anwar.

The Penanti by-election was called by the Election Commission when Fairus resigned as the elected representative.

Polling day will be Sunday, May 31

Earlier on April 8, he resigned as deputy chief minister 1 and executive councillor after he was embroiled in a graft allegation linking him to quarry operations on Penang’s mainland.

anwar ibrahim dr mansor othman pkr candidate for penanti state seat by election 280409 01He has since been cleared by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) from all allegations.

Last weekend, Fairus reiterated his stand to resign from Penanti, prompting the EC to call for a by-election. Polls will be on Sunday, May 31 and nomination falls on Saturday, May 23.

The “Fairus” lesson has prompted Anwar to pick “a politically-strong Penang-based party senior leader” to contest Penanti.

Mansor is a highly-respected figure within PKR circle and could not be bullied by rivals as in the case of Mohammad Fairus, who was young, inexperienced and lacked political maturity.

Apparently Anwar needs Dr Mansor to put order in the state PKR, which currently is being hit by factionalism.

Anwar has earlier hinted that the PKR candidate for the Penanti by-election will be the highly likely nominee for vacant deputy chief minister and exco positions in the Pakatan Rakyat Penang government.

The posts, which included one of the two chief ministers positions, are part of PKR’s quota in the DAP-led state government.

anwar ibrahim dr mansor othman pkr candidate for penanti state seat by election 280409 04Anwar said the by-election was unavoidable because PKR had to choose a capable leader who can work closely with the chief minister and contribute efficiently to the state administration.

The PKR leader’s stand dashes any lingering hopes harboured by current state executive councillor and Batu Maung assemblyperson Abdul Malik Abdul Kassim to succeed Fairus.

However, Mansor has a black mark in his CV, a history of losing streaks in general elections.

Hopes to end unwanted record

He lost to Zain Omar in the Balik Pulau parliamentary duel in 1999, to Ariff Shah Omar Shah in Seberang Jaya state seat contest in 2004 and to Muhammad Farid Saad by 294 in Pulau Betong state constituency.

He hopes to end the unwanted record and stripped off his loser’s tag with a win in the Penanti by-election.

penanti state seat penang 200409On paper, PKR looks favourite to retain the seat. Even the Umno leadership recently hinted the party may not field a candidate.

Penanti comes under Anwar’s Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency – a PKR stronghold.

In the Permatang Pauh by-election last August, Penanti voters gave Anwar a thumping majority of 3,276.

PKR’s Abdul Rahman Abdul Kadir won the state seat in 1999 before losing it to Permatang Pauh Umno chief Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid in 2004. He in turn lost to Mohammad Fairus last year.

First-timer Mohammad Fairus took the seat with a majority of 2,219. He polled 7,346 votes against Abdul Jalil’s 5,127.

“Even though it is in Permatang Pauh, our stronghold, we shall not be complacent, arrogant and take things for granted. We must work harder to achieve a big win,” said the PKR leader.

Anwar also called on Lim to consider Mansor, if he wins Penanti, as PKR nominee for the DCM post.

Mansor, a former university student leader, could have been Anwar’s original choice to be the state DCM 1. But it did not materialise due to his electoral defeat in Pulau Betong.

Penanti will be the sixth by-election since the March 8 general election, five of which were snatched by Pakatan Rakyat.

Lim earlier reaffirmed DAP’s commitment to ensuring a PKR’s victory in the by-election and called on Penanti voters to teach another lesson yet again to Umno and Barisan Nasional.

Zahrain reminded party supporters to protect the pride of the party and Anwar, and ensure victory as Penanti comes under the “PKR political bastion”.

And Mansor has said he is up to the challenge.


Fairus makes surprise appearance
Athi Veeranggan | Apr 28, 09 11:37pm
After a month-long disappearance from public view, former Penang deputy chief minister 1 Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin made a surprise appearance tonight at the announcement of the PKR candidate for the Penanti by-election.


anwar ibrahim dr mansor othman pkr candidate for penanti state seat by election 280409 04The ever-smiling Mohammad Fairus arrived at Yayasan Aman together with PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim and president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

He was given a rousing welcome by Pakatan Rakyat leaders and supporters when he entered the hall and walked to the stage.

Once on the stage, he shook hands and hugged Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and state executive councillors Chow KonYeow and Phee Boon Poh.

He was immediately given the microphone and he delivered a brief but sharp speech.

“I have gone through hell and have come back. Now I know who are my friends and foes,” he told more than 1,000 PKR supporters in the packed hall.

He hit out at his detractors for not only conspiring to bring about his downfall but also for spreading rumours questioning his honesty, sincerity, commitment and loyalty to the struggle of PKR and Pakatan.

“My public appearance tonight has surely proved otherwise. The rumour mongers merely spread lies to tarnish my image and credibility.

“No matter what the rumour mongers spread, here I am to demonstrate my commitment and loyalty to PKR and Pakatan,” he said.

Fairus resigned as DCM 1 and relinquished his state portfolios effective April 8 after he was embroiled in a graft investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

People conspire but God decides

Local boy Fairus, who quit his Penanti seat on April 16, was alleged to have accepted bribes to allow illegal quarry operations on Penang mainland.

MACC has since cleared Fairus from all graft allegations.

“This shows no matter how hard the conspirators tried to destroy me, the truth prevailed. People can always conspire and plot, but only God decides,” he said.

anwar ibrahim dr mansor othman pkr candidate for penanti state seat by election 280409 01Anwar later praised Fairus for being a gentleman and for his resilience in facing and overcoming all challenges during this trying times, including attempts by certain quarters to buy him over to the “other side”’

“He gave them a kick and a chop,” he said of Fairus, a silat exponent.

He explained that Fairus needed to step down to take a temporary political break “to smoothen a rough situation”.

Anwar said he had left it to Fairus’ discretion to decide whether to sue those who had plotted to bring him down.

Fairus has already threatened to file civil suits against his detractors for plotting his ouster from the Pakatan state government.

He plans to help Pakatan campaign for a big win in the Penanti by-election and then leave the country for a while.

16 ousted from party

Kenyataan Media
27 April, 2009


Mesyuarat Majlis Pimpinan Rakyat (MPT) Parti Keadilan Rakyat, dalam mesyuaratnya pada hari Ahad 26hb April 2009 telah mengambil keputusan sebulat suara untuk memecat, 16 orang ahli Parti. Pemecatan berkuatkuasa serta merta mulai tarikh pemecatan dilakukan.

Mereka ini bertanding sebagai calon menentang calon Parti, menyokong calon yang menentang calon Parti, mengkritik Parti melalui media dan mengisytiharkan diri keluar dari Parti dalam ceramah atau melalui media. Mereka melakukan kesalahan-kesalahan tersebut dalam Pilihanraya Kecil Bukit Selambau dan Batang Ai baru-baru ini.

Nama serta Bahagian mereka adalah seperti berikut:

1.   Moganakumar a/l Subramaniam                   Bahagian Merbok, Kedah

2.   Jayagopal a/l Andaikalam                             Bahagian Pokok Sena, Kedah

3.   Abdul Hamid Othman                                  Bahagian Padang Serai, Kedah

4.   Roslan A. Hamid                                          Bahagian Padang Serai, Kedah

5.   Abu Bakar Din                                             Bahagian Baling, Kedah

6.   Abdul Wahab Mat Isa                                  Bahagian Sik, Kedah

7.   Mustafa Hassan                                            Bahagian Sik, Kedah

8.   Kalai Vanar a/l Bala Sundram                     Bahagian Jerai, Kedah

9.   Deivanai a/p Krishnan                                 Bahagian Jerai, Kedah

10. Abu Bakar Hamid                                        Bahagian Penaja Pendang, Kedah

11. Ahmad bin Ayub                                         Bahagian Penaja Pendang, Kedah

12. Azhar Ahmad                                              Bahagian Penaja Jerlun, Kedah

13. Dr Ambrose Labang                                   Bahagian Julau, Sarawak

14. Wong Kee Kai                                            Bahagian Julau, Sarawak

15. Rajang Anak Unau                                    Bahagian Julau, Sarawak

16. Kudik Untung                                            Bahagian Julau, Sarawak

Dr Syed Husin Ali
Timbalan Presiden
Parti Keadilan Rakyat

A prelude to becoming Penang Deputy Chief Minster?

Mansor to be named PKR candidate
Apr 27, 09 6:21pm
Penang PKR deputy chief Dr Mansor Othman is
expected to be named as the party’s candidate for
the upcoming Penanti by-election on May 31 in Penang.


dr mansur othman penanti by election 270409Mansor, 56, is a former
university lecturer and student leader. He also served
as Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s political secretary
during his tenure as deputy premier.

It is learnt that the announcement will be made by Anwar
tomorrow night in Penanti.

st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } Party insiders
said that Mansor is now almost certain to be the party’s
candidate after he was not chosen as PKR’s nominee as a
senator by the state assembly today.

That position went to PKR state secretary Mustafa Kamil,
who was approved by the Penang state assembly as a
senator from PKR.

If selected, Mansor, largely seen as Anwar’s favourite
candidate for the Penanti by-election, would also assume
the vacant deputy chief minister post if he wins the

“As it stands, Mansor is the PKR candidate for Penanti
barring any last minute accident,” said a source close
to Mansor.

Defeated narrowly
in 2008

In the
2008 general election, Mansor contested for the
Pulau Betong state seat but lost by 294 votes
to Umno’s Muhammad Farid Saad.

He was Anwar’s original choice to be the state deputy
chief minister but had to forgo it to Mohamad Fairus Khairuddin
as a result of this defeat.

Penanti will be the sixth by-election since the
March 8 general election, five of which were
snatched by Pakatan Rakyat.

The coming battle for the state seat – located under
the Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency –
is also expected to be won by Pakatan.

However, Barisan Nasional has yet to decide if it
will contest. The decision will be made by the Umno
political bureau soon.

Permatang Pauh is considered the fortress of Anwar
who is the incumbent parliamentarian there.

The Penanti seat fell vacant following the resignation of
former Penang deputy chief minister I Mohamad Fairus.

Penanti by-election

Election Commission has set May 23 for nominations and May 31 for polling.

Sensitiviti yang perlu difahami, bukan mencari undi…

Agama anak: Kabinet mesti rujuk mufti
Apr 24, 09 4:35pm Malaysiakini.com
Keputusan kabinet semalam – anak kekal agama asal ibu bapanya walaupun salah seorang menganut Islam – sewajarnya dirujuk kepada mufti, kata Datuk Seri Harussani Zakaria.

Mufti Perak menyarankan kerajaan mendapatkan pandangan Majlis Mufti-mufti Malaysia sebelum membuat sebarang keputusan berhubung Islam bagi mengelak timbulnya kekeliruan, lapor Bernama.

“Dalam agama Islam, mana-mana bapa atau ibu yang menganuti Islam, anak mereka dengan sendirinya menganut Islam kecuali jika anak tersebut sudah berumur lebih 15 tahun dan boleh memilih agamanya sendiri,” Harussani dipetik berkata hari ini.

Ketika mengumumkan keputusan kabinet, Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri (JPM) Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz berkata keputusan itu sebagai langkah penyelesaian berhubung pertikaian status agama kanak-kanak apabila ibu atau bapa menukar agama.

Menurut agensi berita itu lagi, beberapa NGO Islam turut menggesa kerajaan mengkaji semula keputusan itu kerana mendakwa ia dibuat tanpa mengambil kira undang-undang sedia ada dan pandangan pihak-pihak yang berkenaan.

Keputusan itu menafikan hak pihak yang memeluk Islam, kata Presiden Persatuan Peguam Syarie Malaysia, Mohamad Isa Abdul Latif pada sidang akhbar yang turut dihadiri wakil-wakil badan lain termasuk Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (Abim) dan Persatuan Dakwah dan Kebajikan Saudara Baru Islam SeMalaysia.

Selain keputusan membesarkan anak di bawah umur mengikut agama asal ibu bapanya, kabinet juga memutuskan pasangan yang memeluk Islam harus menyelesaikan segala isu berkaitan perceraian dan penjagaan anak-anak di mahkamah sivil.

Nazri dilaporkan berkata, langkah itu selaras dengan pendirian jemaah menteri bahawa enakmen syariah hanya boleh digunakan terhadap perjanjian berkaitan perkahwinan yang dibuat bermula dari tarikh individu itu memeluk Islam dan bukannya sebelum itu.

Tambahnya, keputusan itu berdasarkan pandangan jawatankuasa khas yang ditubuhkan bagi menyelesaikan kes K Pathmanaban atau nama Islamnya Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah.

Jawatankuasa yang dipengerusikan oleh Menteri di JPM Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon turut disertai Menteri Sumber Manusia, Datuk Dr S Subramaniam; Menteri di JPM Mejar Jeneral (B) Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom, dan Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.


Khamis April 23, 2009
Anak kekal agama: Keputusan Kabinet disambut baik

KUALA LUMPUR: MCA menyatakan rasa puas hati dengan keputusan Kabinet berhubung penyelesaian pertikaian mengenai agama anak-anak yang kekal menganut agama asal ibu bapa masingmasing semasa berkahwin, walaupun ibu atau bapa mereka memeluk Islam.

“Langkah ini adalah selaras dengan konsep 1Malaysia gagasan Perdana Menteri YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak untuk meningkatkan harmoni.

“Keputusan Kabinet akan menyelesaikan isuisu yang telah memberi kesan keharmonian di negara ini,” kata Gan Ping Sieu, jurucakap MCA Ketua Biro Pendidikan dalam satu kenyataan.

Beliau berkata demikian sebagai mengulas keputusan Kabinet yang menyatakan ibu atau bapa yang menukar agama Islam, anak-anak kekal menganut agama asal semasa berkahwin.

Gan berkata, MCA mengulangi pendiriannya bahawa jika agama anak-anak tidak boleh dipersetujui oleh kedua-dua ibu bapa jika ibu atau bapa memeluk Islam, status quo agama kanak-kanak itu hendaklah kekal sehinggalah mereka berumur 18 tahun.

Namun, kata beliau MCA melihat keputusan Kabinet itu hanya boleh digunakan di dalam kes di mana ibu bapa bercerai dan seorang daripada mereka menjadi “muallaf” kerana memeluk Islam.

Gan berkata, masih timbul persoalan tentang kes-kes perkahwinan sivil yang masih belum diputuskan mengikut undang-undang sivil, contohnya perpisahan walaupun seorang daripada pasangan telah memeluk Islam.

“MCA berpandangan keputusan Kabinet digunakan dalam kes-kes seumpamanya walaupun pertikaian perkahwinan sivil belum selesai,” katanya.

Gan berkata, arahan Kabinet yang sama perlu dilaksanakan oleh Jabatan Agama Islam dan Majlis Agama negeri-negeri bagi mengelakkan sebarang percanggahan terhadap kesepakatan yang dicapai oleh pemimpin-pemimpin dalam Kabinet.

Hakikatnya, arahan Kabinet sedemikian mesti terus disepadukan menerusi pembaharuan perundangan atau meluluskan Akta Parlimen atau meminda Perlembagaan Persekutuan, katanya.

Ini, katanya akan mengelakkan kekeliruan apabila keretakkan rumah tangga berlaku tanpa penyelesaian yang memuaskan dan pihak-pihak tertentu mengambil kesempatan di mahkamah untuk mendapatkan hak penjagaan dan menentukan agama anak-anak.

Sementara itu, Majlis Perundingan Agama Buddha, Kristian, Hindu, Sikh dan Tao (MCCBCHST) turut menyambut baik keputusan Kabinet mengenai agama anak-anak.

Presidennya Datuk A. Vaithilingam, yang juga presiden Hindu Sangam Malaysia, berkata keputusan mengenai pegangan agama anak-anak mestilah seiring dengan agama yang dianuti semasa perkahwinan kedua-dua ibu bapa, adalah satu langkah bijak dan permulaan yang baik bagi menyelesaikan pertikaian antara pasangan.

“Kami terbuka untuk lebih banyak perbincangan mengenai penukaran agama seseorang bukan Islam kepada Islam,” katanya kepada Bernama.

Beliau berkata persatuan itu mengharapkan lebih banyak perbincangan dan dialog dengan pemimpin-pemimpin Islam mengenai perkara itu.

“Bagi MCCBCHST, kami sedang di dalam proses memohon mengadakan mesyuarat dengan jawatankuasa yang dipengerusikan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon dan kami memuji mereka kerana segera menangani perkara ini,” katanya. BERNAMA

It is completely and absolutely unacceptable…

My 500th day under ISA
P Uthayakumar | Apr 26, 09 7:55am malaysiakini.com
Today April 26, 2009, marks my 500th day under Umno’s captivity without being charged, tried or found guilty in a court of law. I suppose this is ‘justice’ for me, an Indian ethnic minority and human rights lawyer of 18 years.


Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s continued unilateral decree is that I be made to serve a jail sentence of two years and indefinitely thereafter under his regime. There are prisoners here at Kemta Kamunting, Taiping, serving their eighth year of their ISA sentences.

p uthayakumar sedition trial 030209 01But I have no regrets. I know in my heart that every day of my imprisonment will liberate and open up a thousand new minds against Umno’s atrocities and injustices in their marginalisation, discrimination, suppression, oppression and the exclusion of Indians from the mainstream of national development in Malaysia.

Today, I have grown 500 days older. Today, I have lost 500 days of my precious freedom. Today, it is 500 days since I shaved my beard or combed my hair to protest my ISA detention. Today, it is 500 days since I have been made to wear the very same two pairs of dark blue baggy pants and white restaurant waiter-like prison uniform.

My left foot

On Jan 31, 2009, I had accidently injured the last toe of my left foot, which had gotten worse because of my long standing diabetic condition. From day one of my injury, I had repeatedly asked to be treated at the Gleneagles private hospital as I no longer have confidence in the independence of government-service doctors, which I believe had been compromised by the Home Ministry and its Special Branch police officers.

Under protest, I agreed to be treated at a government hospital on Feb 3, 2009. As I had anticipated, the doctor refused to admit me despite my swollen leg and blackening left foot condition. The doctor told me there were no hospital beds and neither did she want to refer me to an orthopedic surgeon or a consultant physician, as well as a cardiologist to treat my silent heart attack during my ISA detention.

No cast was put on my leg. No medication was prescribed. This doctor told me that my leg would heal on its own. My suspicion was confirmed when the doctor, who had written my medical notes in a police file, gave it back to the police officers accompanying me.

brickfields uthayakumar hindraf 280209 marching to stationBy the second week, my leg got even worse and despite repeated pleas, the prison authorities refused to take me even to a government hospital, which I agreed to go under protest. I had lodged four police reports but again zero action was taken. Even my statement was not recorded.

The worst case scenario ran across my mind. I may lose my left foot. For the first time, I realised that as a lawyer, I could not even save myself. There was nothing I could do, I was a prisoner.

But even then, I had thought to myself that should the worst happen, I would put on a prosthesis (artificial leg) and keep walking. I feel that at the end of the day, it was the prayers held at scores of Hindu temples nationwide by supporters of Makkal Sakthi that had actually saved my leg and ensure my well-being in prison.

Surviving on bread and biscuits

On March 22, 2009, I found pieces of beef in the chicken sambal served to me. Mohamad, a Pakistani national, and Abdul Sarjon, a Sri Lankan national, and fellow detainees who worked at the prison kitchen confirmed that chicken and beef were cooked in the same pot after which the chicken was scooped out and served.

uthayakumar interview 051207 pausedI immediately lodged a police report. But again nothing happened as usual. But had it been the other way round – the victimisation a Malay Muslim – a different set of rules would be applied by Umno.

But I suppose this is all part and parcel of PM Najib’s One Malaysia policy. One Malaysia, two systems. Since that day, I have refused to consume cooked food from the prison kitchen in protest against the violation of my religious rights in contravention of Article 11 of the Federal Constitution. As a Hindu, I do not consume beef. I am now surviving basically on bread and biscuits.

Throughout these 500 days, there was never a single day that I ever regretted starting and spearheading this struggle. I believed in justice, including for the minority ethnic Indians, in Malaysia.

In these 500 days, I have refused to meet any of the Special Branch officers who came to meet detainees once in every two to three months to “plead for my release”. I have done no wrong and I am not prepared to beg for my freedom. I had earlier also refused to meet Umno’s home minister, knowing fully well that my release from prison is in his hands, for the very same reason.

My biggest satisfaction and what keeps me going in prison is the true and sincere spirit of the struggle through Hindraf’s Makkal Sakthi.

brickfields uthayakumar hindraf 280209It moved me to see thousands of Hindraf supporters who had braved FRU’s tear gas and water cannons, who were roughed up and beaten by the police, arrested, handcuffed, thrown into jail, prosecuted in court and bravely standing up in the dock to face possible jail sentences, losing their jobs, and with their wife and children suffering.

All these sacrifices, just for a public cause to put to an end to Umno’s racism, religious extremism and exclusion of the Indians from the mainstream of national development. To all of you, I salute you and I am proud of you. Makkal Sakthi Valga.

I miss my freedom

I am suffering from this imprisonment daily. I miss my freedom. I miss my family, my wife and children.

But I am prepared for the worst, even if it means another 500 days or more of imprisonment. I will do this just for the cause of Hindraf. Umno can imprison me but they cannot imprison the forces of Hindraf’s Makkal Sakthi.

Makkal Sakthi was the tipping point in the March 8, 2008 general elections. It was the triggering factor which resulted in Umno/BN losing two-thirds majority in Parliament as well as political power in four west-coast states.

Makkal Sakthi once again showed its prowess at the Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang by-elections. I never, even in my wildest dream, thought I would see Makkal Sakthi forces to this extent in my lifetime.

gantang by election 040409 hindraf candle light vigil kamunting isa detainees09I am no Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela, but Umno has to understand and accept that it was the genuine grievances of the people – the pent-up pain and suffering, misery and heartache – that brought about the unprecedented 100,000-strong Hindraf rally on Nov 25, 2007.

Please be patient. Umno will not change, but we will change Umno in the 2012/2013 general elections. We will put an end to Umno’s bully tactics and its rule by fear. We have waited 52 long years.

Please be patient. In another three or four years, there would hopefully be a new beginning, a new political structure and a Malaysia with equality and equal opportunities, including for the Indians. A Malaysia where the Indians would be a part of the mainstream in national development.

Every day and every moment of my imprisonment, my thoughts and prayers are with Makkal Sakthi. I have plans for our further struggle. Please pray for my freedom, and for Umno’s end of its rule so that justice will finally prevail.

Umno may have punished me with this 500 days of imprisonment but you, the Makkal Sakthi, will in turn punished Umno/BN where it hurts them most – the ballot box.

God bless.

P Uthayakumar
Kamunting Detention Camp, Perak

Pakatan Rakyat finals: Selangor vs. Kelantan

People, let us know the results!

ETA: Here are the champions!

Photo credit to greespect.

The Altantuya Killing must be eradicated at all costs

Sedition trial: Arrest warrant for RPK
Apr 23, 09 9:57am
An arrest warrant has been issued against Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin this morning for failing to appear in the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court for the continuation of his sedition trial.
Raja Petra, 59, is facing trial for posting an allegedly seditious article entitled ‘Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell’ on his website.

The charge under Section 4(1)(c) of the Sedition Act carries a maximum fine of RM5,000 or three years’ jail, or both, upon conviction.

The popular blogger and his wife, Marina Lee Abdullah – who stood as his bailor – was no where to be seen when the court resumed today at 9.25am.

When Sessions judge Rozina Ayob asked for the accused, defence lawyer J Chandra informed the court that about a posting in Raja Petra’s Malaysia Today website in which the controversial blogger wrote that he would not be in court.

According to the posting, Raja Petra was on a “self-imposed exile” from Selangor and hence he could not be in Petaling Jaya where the court is located.

Raja Petra explained his ‘exile’ was the result of the hurt he had caused to the Selangor palace which he is a member, and going by royal convention, he had decided on being exiled from the state.

On hearing this, Rozina asked whether there was a written order from the royalty for Raja Petra’s exile and Chandra replied he did not know.

“This is a punishment he meted out for himself,” said Chandra.

Being a bankrupt, he cannot leave Malaysia

DPP Shahidani Abd Aziz subsequently applied for a warrant of arrest against Raja Petra as well as a show-cause notice for bailor Marina, who was also not present in court today.

Chandra also informed the court he did not know the reason for Marina’s absence.

Rozina eventually agreed to issue the arrest warrant. The judge then fixed May 22 for the hearing of the arrest warrant and the show cause notice.

While Raja Petra and his disappearance had been a mystery, there are speculations that he could have gone overseas. Some of his supporters who were in court today said they had no idea where the blogger is.

DPP Ishak Mohd Yusof, who is assisting Shahidani, said with the arrest warrant against the blogger, the police would be required to locate Raja Petra.

Asked about the possibility that Raja Petra could be overseas, he said it would be imppossible as the blogger is already declared a bankrupt and was not supposed to leave the country.

According to co-counsel Gobind Singh Deo, the last time he had contact with the popular blogger was two months ago, during the prosecution’s appeal against his release from Internal Security Act in the Federal Court.

The court was also told that there would be 10 more prosecution witness in the sedition trial.

Mounting legal problems for RPK

Before the trial was adjourned in February, Gobind had raised the issue of an apparent photograph of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak seated at the same table with murdered Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu during her birthday party in Mandarin Hotel, Singapore.

Raja Petra is facing another charge for criminal defamation in Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court for allegingly implicating Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, and two army officers in the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu.

The popular blogger’s problem does not end there.

He has been ordered to pay RM1 million by the Kuala Lumpur High Court to Umno treasurer Abdul Azim Mohd Zabidi following a judgment in default entered against him on April 3.

Last year, the Alor Star High Court had also ordered Raja Petra to pay damages over libel claims by a university head.

University Utara Malaysia and its vice-chancellor Nordin Kardi filed a lawsuit against Raja Petra over an item that alleged Nordin had plagiarised an article.

The High Court made the decision after Raja Petra, who published the story in his website, failed to file a defence.

It ordered Raja Petra to pay RM4 million to Nordin and the university.

Raja Petra has argued that the offending item was a letter written to him by a former student representative and that he would not pay the compensation.