The Face of Despair

Adullah Ahmad Badawi mengerti bahawa reformasi atau perubahan tidak akan berlaku dari dalam Umno setelah mengambilalih pucuk pimpinan negara.
Umno tersarat dengan dengan segala macam bentuk Politik Durjana yang tidak memungkinkan lagi Umno menerajui negara sebagai sebuah parti yang bermaruah dan memiliki integriti yang boleh meraih rasa hormat rakyat terhadap Umno.
Umno tidak akan dapat bertahan lama lagi dengan keadaan ekonomi dunia dan domestik yang parah – kerana kekuatan Umno sentiasa bersandarkan sebanyak mana wang yang ia ada untuk mengekalkan Politik Durjana yang jelas sedang ditonton Rakyat dan dunia seluruhnya.
Dapatan dalam satu kajian mengukuhkan pandangan bahawa imej Umno – Parti Perasuah sekarang sudah menjadi persepsi umum terhadap Umno, khususnya persepsi oleh orang Melayu sendiri.
Rakyat perlu sedar dan bertindak sebagai kuasa yang boleh memilih sama ada untuk mengekalkan Umno, Parti Perasuah, terus memerintah negara atau memecatnya dari mengambil mana-mana kerusi Dun dan Parlimen yang akan dipertandingkan sekarang dan pada bila-bila saja dalam mana-mana pilihanraya kecil dan umum.
Kita sama-sama Tolak Politik Durjana yang mendurjana semua bangsa, agama dan negara.


‘Mahathirism’ will hasten Umno’s demise
Mar 26, 09 12:33pm
Outgoing Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today expressed sadness that certain quarters in the party believe that reverting to the old order is the panacea to revive the ailing institution.


“Sadly there are still those who feel that we do not need to pursue reforms,” he said in his opening speech at the 59th Umno general assembly in Kuala Lumpur.

pak lah and najib raising the umno flag agm 2009 260309 02“They believe that Umno will regain its glory if we revert to the old ways – the old order, by restricting freedom of our citizens and by silencing their criticisms,” he added.

Abdullah’s remarks come amidst growing concerns that his successor Najib Abdul Razak would emulate the leadership traits of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and come down hard on critics.

There is also widespread fear that the Internal Security Act (ISA) will be invoked to quash dissent.

Abdullah said these quarters are of the view that Umno can continue to be in power if they safeguard the interests of certain individuals and give in to the demands of certain groups.

“There are those among us who gain comfort from these thoughts and are still lulled into a false sense of security,” he added.

According to Abdullah, the old path is the wrong path.

“If we revert to the old path, I believe we are choosing the wrong path, one that will take us to regression and decay. It is the path that I fear will hasten our demise,” he said.

“If we do not take courageous steps to reform in the face of dynamic transformation of society and the radical changes taking place, then we shall live to witness the end of our beloved Umno.

“What is the point of fighting tooth and nail for positions in the party if all that remains of us is an obsolete husk,” he added.

‘Chip off the old block’

Under Mahathir’s 22-year reign, Malaysia was often criticised of lacking democratic space and accused of employing draconian measures to silence dissent.

mahathir and rais yatim pc 190309 04In 1987, the Mahathir administration launched a massive ISA dragnet, codenamed ‘Ops Lalang’, which netted more than 100 people, including opposition politicians and activists.

Despite his retirement in 2003, Mahathir continued to play a pivotal role in national politics, often criticising his handpicked successor Abdullah whom he blamed for weakening Umno and Barisan Nasional.

He had also repeatedly called on the premier to resign and hand over the reins to Najib, whom many regard as being a ‘chip off the old block’.

Since assuming the premiership, Abdullah’s administration adopted a more liberal approach compared to his predecessor. However, despite making several grand promises such as eradicating corruption and reforming the judiciary, Abdullah was seen as falling short of his pledges.

The pressure increased and the chorus calling for Abdullah’s head to roll grew louder after BN suffered a major setback in the March 8 general election, where the ruling coalition lost several states and was denied a two-third majority in Parliament for the first time in history.


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