The face of Umno Assembly

Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder.

And Beauty is handy thing to have, esp. for someone who ain’t handsome.

Umno beauty?


Hot rhetoric and Pakatan-bashing

Syed Jaymal Zahiid | Mar 25, 09 8:24pm
That time of the year, where folks dressed in white baju Melayu, red samping and songkoks congregating at the Tun Hussein Onn Hall in PWTC in their thousands and passionately indulging in verbal trashing of the opposition political parties, has arrived.


umno 59 agm 2009 puteri youth wanita mt campaign 250309 01It is the ‘Umno season’, where in each of the 59 years the party has convened its annual general assembly, the tradition is to begin with waves of oral shelling fired from the trenches of the party’s Youth wing.

This year is no exception when delegates of the Youth wing kicked off the debate session with scathing attacks, often with racial overtones, against Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

One delegate from Johor, Rohazam Shah, blasted Pakatan leaders, chiefly PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim, as arrogant after the coalition had taken over five states and denied BN the two-third parliamentary majority in the last general elections.

anwar ibrahim 02 060207Anwar was also labelled a traitor to the Malays by Rohazam when he argued that a leader who tries to question Malay special privileges should be described as enemy number one to the race.

“He tried to abolish the Malay rights that is enshrined in the Federal Constitution when he suggested to do away with the New Economic Policy,” said Rohazam and it was followed by thunderous applause from the audience.

For him, no one and certainly not non-Malays, can question the special Malay rights and call for Umno and the Youth wing to fight to the end to defend such privileges.

Pakatan had insulted the MalaysHe also blasted Pakatan for the Perak constitutional crisis and said that the opposition coalition had tested the patience and insulted the Malays when they question the sultan’s decision to appoint Zambry Abdul Kadir as the new menteri besar.

umno agm 250309 hishammuddin wield keris 02Rohazam’s offensive was then followed by fellow delegate, Mohd Zaidi Mohd Said from Penang, who accused the DAP government of Penang of being  racists.

“It is DAP that controls Penang and not Pakatan. There is no such thing as the Pakatan coalition in Penang,” said Zaidi, implying that the state is controlled by the Chinese and not a multi-racial coalition as claimed by the state’s Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

guan eng respond to ong tee keat 020209 02“You know what Guan Eng first did when he became chief minister? He had all the posters that you can see in state government buildings changed to Yang Berhormat Tuan Lim Guan Eng,” he added.

Zaidi said the term “tuan” or master in English was only used by the Malays when addressing English governors when Malaysia was colonialised by Britain.

He then said the resignation of Mohd Fairus reflected the inability of PKR to serve and protect the interest of the Malays in the state and called for his resignation not only as Penang’s deputy chief minister, but as the state representative as well.

After he was done with DAP, Zaidi shifted his attacks on PKR by ridiculing Anwar.

He said the Malays should not be fooled by the leader who is “only good at giving promises but not delivering.”

‘Biggest mistake was to free Anwar’

“He can promise you everything, he can even promise you the front and the back,” said Zaidi in an apparent insinuation to Anwar’s sodomy case.

“The biggest mistake we ever did was to free Anwar (from jail),” he added and was accompanied by stomps from the floor.

Kelantan delegate Mohd Affendi Yusof, when taking his turn to debate, said Umno has been very lenient and patient towards Pakatan’s antics.

nizar jamaluddin interview 250309 04He also touched on the Perak fiasco and blasted ousted Perak menteri besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin for his now legendary statement: “Mohon maaf tuanku, patek mohon derhaka.” (Your highness, forgive me for I plead to commit treason).

“In Islam, there is no forgiveness for those who commit treason against the sultan,” he said, claiming that the sultan is considered as God’s representative on earth.

“When he faces God, he will have no excuse when God asks him why he had committed treason against the sultan. He would not die as a man, but would die as a bangkai (rotten corpse),” he added.

Instigating the crowd, Affendi said now is not the time for Umno to be soft and patient, and said it was time the party uses force to crush its Pakatan rivals.

“We cannot be soft anymore. We must use force. And we will use it immediately after the annual general assembly ends,” he said.

3 Responses to “The face of Umno Assembly”

  1. garuda Says:

    Let UMNO say whatever they want, imagine faulting the opposotion for winning the elections fair and square!!

    Their rhetoric wont change, but thats UMNO, we know them too well, lets see how they manage KJ as many are against him and many felt betrayed by his winning.

    Natural justice will prevail, UMNO meetings are always about bashing others NEVER about bashing themselves!! if u lost its yr fault not other parties, accept that first

  2. Rashid Says:

    They are talking of corpses but they are indeed. A bunch of useless, brainless buffoons.

  3. pengiran Says:

    Huh..Huh..What a mess? UMNO Assembly this year is the most critical scenario in politic?”. Corrupt, Crony, Favouritism,Scandalous and Victimized against each other. Good example Ali Rustam be political victimized
    by the rival.What say you Ahmad Said.

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