The Culture of Transparency for Leaders of the Nation

This culture must be expanded to all leaders of Pakatan Rakyat who holds public office and being wakils rakyat.

——————————————————————————————————————-S’gor leaders make public their assets
Andrew Ong & Jimadie Othman | Mar 13, 09 10:02pm
Pakatan Rakyat Selangor scored a national first today when Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim and his 10 exco members made their assets declaration forms public. 

At 6.30pm, the documents for the 10 excos were made available on the Selangor government website, but Khalid’s documents was not yet available at time of writing.

Access to the website was difficult, possibly due to a surge in web traffic.

Never before has federal government cabinet ministers nor state cabinet members publicly declared their assets.

selangor government declare asset 130309The documents reflected the monthly income and debt repayments of the Selangor exco members and spouses, as well as changes in the assets they have held since March last year.

Shortly after taking office in March last year, Khalid ordered all exco members to declare their assets, but this was not made public.

In the run up to the March 8 general election last year, PKR and PAS had promised voters that party leaders would declare their assets if they were to take power in Selangor.

At a press conference at 7.15pm, Khalid said members of the public can view the previous assets declaration documents after providing a valid reason and signing a secrecy document.

He added that he will also suggest to the exco members that the pre-2008 assets value to be declared publicly, albeit only the nett value.

“With regards (to the) assets declarations (for this year), what is most important is transparency, not the amount of properties they (exco) owns,” he said.

Teresa highest paid exco

Senior exco member Teresa Kok posted RM32,830.67 gross monthly income, of which RM19,722.08 was paid by the state – RM6,109.23 in salary and RM13,612.85 in allowances.

As Seputeh MP, Kok drew another salary of RM6,508.59 and RM6,600.00 in allowances.

She also declared that she was servicing two housing loans valued at RM120,000 and RM200,000 respectively.

Meanwhile, exco member Hassan Ali, stated that he has two wives and five children ranging from five to 25 years old.

Hassan posted that he was the sole provider for his family, taking in RM17,722.08 monthly in salary and allowances.

He declared that he had taken on a housing loan worth RM296,565 while a wife obtained a RM191,800 loan for another property.

Hassan also declared three vehicle loans, including two listed under his wife, totaling at RM279,569.85.


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